Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shoey's Album Of The Month - Feb

Nooo, too many goodies, avoided the more obvious ones & stuff already mentioned on t''Spil. Edited down & am still left with all these. Over to U, which should be declared SAOTM for February?

Drunken Poet's Dream
My Name Is Carnival
Grey Pastures, Still Waters
Stand Still
Ran Come Saw
Girl In A Green Dress
Spy On The Floor
The Burning Mountain
Bastard Samurai


tincanman said...

The Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté is top of the class and the Ray Wylie Hubbard is good too. The rest I don't know and from what I've heard here the one I'd most like to hear more of is Chicago Underground Duo, with Sa Dingding in second.

Mnemonic said...

Voice of the Seven Thunders for me. Rick Tomlinson spends a lot of his time playing in London in relatively small clubs under his Voice of the Seven Woods alias and is often in company with Keith Woods of Hush Arbors, who is also moving from his former acoustic persona into a more psych rock vibe. If you haven't heard him before, he's well worth a listen.

I really liked High on Fire until the vocal started. Shame about that!

debbym said...

Sorry, Shoey, no time for this today. I'll try and listen in this evening, though - this is one of my favourite features on the blog!

ejay said...

I like the fact that Ali & Toumani is more of the same, that's what I wanted. Of the ones I didn't know, it's between Ran Come Saw and Spy On The Floor.
SO what did you have to leave out?

Is Superglue by Art Brut?

saneshane said...

superglue is Dyan Valdes (the blood arm) and Eddie Argos (art brut) as wait for it EJAY:
Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now!

I was suppose to go see them - but had to stand them up - they are basically doing answer songs to chart hits.

anyway.. to the feb songs:

Sa Dingding and Chicago Underground Duo for me.

Shoegazer said...

Ejay, do remember that Polar Bear & Durutti Column got left out - mainly because of not enough time to listen through yet. Perhaps they'll show up next month.

Shoegazer said...

Seem to have lost my Aw, thanks Debby post from earlier. Mnemonic, your man seems to be evoking the immortal Michael Karoli, but disagree about the vocal stylings on the other one; that's a Lemmylike set of lungs.