Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Can't Understand

For some reason, the verse reminds me of the winding horns in Flying Home.

Also, French newspaper Le Monde has been doing their own RR! Cheeky. Also, practice your French with these songs, translated from English, which is how it should be, since there's law in France requiring that, to put it shortly, any writing in English must be translated. Interesting version of Where Is My Mind?


nilpferd said...

Nice clip- reminds me of T love's QMS. Think you're right that hip-hop producers were on to that Lionel Hampton sound- with Hampton it was the trombones "bending" notes upwards to slur the beat and give you that "sliding across the dancefloor" moment, whereas producers slow down or speed up their samples accordingly, but the principle is the same.

ejaydee said...

Did you post this recently, or was it Shane's? No it's form Xen Cuts isn't it? I started listening to it on Spotify last week.

Yes! "Sliding across the dancefloor", also this idea of continuity, like a circle or the wheels of a train.

nilpferd said...

Right, Xen Cuts. I think I nommed QMS a while back on RR too, maybe for cruel songs.
Interesting to consider the links between big-band sounds and Hip hop- perhaps funk and R&B were the conduits but but I always heard big band swing and be-bop in there too, especially with the great producers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier, and the hip hop I like most shows these connections most obviously. Essentially big band dance bands and be-bop groups were doing the same thing I guess, trying to generate dance floor electricity and hype.

steenbeck said...

Queen Latifah - I really liked this! A lot! Talk about somebody I always plan to follow up on. I think she's amazing, but I don't really know her music at all.

But that will change!

saneshane said...

Queen Latifah is ace ('How Do I Love Thee' is one of my fav tracks evah...)

I have a ninja tunes selection sorted for when it gets less busy on here... then I'll do a Tommy Boy Mix.

ejaydee said...

Check this out Steenbeck form QUeen Latifah:

Nilpferd, I was actually thinking about the horns thing in BBD's Poison, posted to the 'Spill's collective shame in my Deception post. The word "poisoooooon" is a descendent of a big band hornline in my opinion.

gremlinfc said...

Great track EJD - certainly one of her best. Her first album "All Hail the queen" has some great tracks (not all mind!)- my personal faves and recommendation for you Steenbeck would be :
1. Evil that men do- with KRS-1
2. The pros with Daddy-O
and probably the best "Wrath of my Madness"...Her 2nd album is a bit hit and miss but also worth a check but I recks EJD has defiitely pulled the top track in "Unity".