Saturday, September 12, 2009


Tight Like This
Shout SIster Shout
Message from a Black Man
Places and Spaces
Funky Worm
Sing a simple Song
Tell Her
Your COver's Blown
Love Detective
The Breaks
Buggin Out
Holy Moly
It's Good to Be Here


nilpferd said...

Most liked Places & Spaces, natch, and Sing a simple song- good lateral thinking on that one for this week. The Bongos are also addictive.

Japanther said...

the old school hip hop did it for me...Kurtis Blow was ace!

Shoey said...

Could only get "Tight" & "Holy" to play tonight :(

steenbeck said...

Aw, thanks for trying to listen, Shoey. I deleted almost all of my public folder in The Box so that I'd have enough space for the hip hop post. I haven't had time to listen to anything this week. Some weeks you just have to say, "I can't do it, I'll start fresh next week."

If there's anything you particularly wanted to hear I'll put it back.

Shoegazer said...

NP. If you show up late to the party, don't be surprised if there's no cake left.