Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have You Ever Wondered....

Have you ever wondered what Factory Record's output would have sounded like had they been based on a sunny California shore, rather than in a rainy Northern city? 

Let's Go Surfing
I Felt Stupid

Boy, these are some top notch pop songs and no mistake! 

**edit** I'm having a pop attack! I can't stop listening to these songs!! I need to put my ironing away! Aaaarrrgh!! 


steenbeck said...

very nice. Who are they by? I like the whistling.

saneshane said...

good connection to the manc idea.. i think I was going with Josef k for some reason .. (now I've got to find the Propaganda version of sorry for laughing)
is it Drums by the way?.. think my downloading has been throttled.. or dust in key board.. who knows.

Blimpy said...

It is indeed The Drums, Shane, well noted. And Josef K too, definately.

I will only like them for another 3.6 days.