Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thee Oh Sees

I'm not sure why as they aren't so similar, but listening to Blimpy's post of Viva Voce below reminded me of a band that I really really like called Thee Oh Sees.

Led by the ultra-cool (and very prolific) John Dwyer. Dwyer was one half of "legendary" underground noise duo Pink and Brown (who, if truth be told never really cut it on record, but i'm sure were phenomenal live). After that he formed The Coachwhips, who fall easily into my list of Top 10 favourite bands ever. When the 'Whips broke up he formed a a solo project called OCS, which grew and developed over the course of several albums into the more complete band of Thee Oh Sees.

They can be hit and miss, but their last two records "The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In" and especially the latest one "Help" have finally delivered the pop hooks and songwriting that Dwyer always threatened to, but couldn't stop himself drowning out in noise or muddy production.

The Youtube vid is "Block of Ice" from the "The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In" LP and i'll add one more short song from "Help".



Blimpy said...

I liked Block Of Ice. I have a coachwhips cd somehwere , mebbe I should go dig it out! I never knew you were so keen on them!

saneshane said...

and I likey block of Ice too
(and it then knocks on for me to Schwervon!)

..... some tasters of joy zipper / viva voce/ and ragga twins are in the pressie box.. enjoy.

Japanther said...

- Dig it out and re-appraise Blimpy, I love love love the Coachwhips! All albums are good, but the second album "Bangers Vs Fuckers" clinches it for me.

- cheers for the extra tunes Shane, i'm hoping to get a nice early Friday finish today to have a listen....I think I only know Schwervon from you mentioning/playlisting them, I seem to have a tune in my iTunes from somewhere (maybe your good self) called Blue Light, which I remember being really rather good

Shoegazer said...

Wondered what happened to the Coachwhips. Thanks JP.

B-Mac said...

bangers vs fuckers is indeed the album i have.

however, cos The Big Pink LP is all over hype machine i can;t stop listening to it!!

sourpus said...

This is nice.