Sunday, September 27, 2009

album of the week part 1 - at swim two birds

I was trying to put this in an RR folder - but I'm failing cos I'm so tied.
I really don't know anything about this - I picked it up because I liked the cover and was interested in the name... I'll put it up now, then Toffeeboy can add his smile inspired AOTW too... interested to hear the opinions on this.. Enjoy.



TracyK said...

Can't wait to listen but I'm having an earlyish night. Cheers for posting Shane!

barbryn said...

Wow, I think I might have discovered a band I'm going to love. Had to stop everything - for 7m30s - when the first song came on. Since I have some work to do today, I didn't pay the rest of it the attention it deserved, but will be listening again.

A bit of an English Arab Strap? I'd never heard of them (though I've been meaning to read the book they're named after for years) but some internet searching tells me they're half of The Montgolfier Brothers. Who I also hadn't heard of, but am listening to now on MySpace - there's a bit more going on musically, and a bit more light gets in - might be even better.

So, massive AOTW thumbs-up from me. Anyone else?

Chris said...

I'm part way through the second track and I think it's all quite gorgeous so far. Thanks, shane.

I don't understand the connection, if any, with the Flann O'Brien novel, though. Anyone?

BloodyParadise said...

O yes! Rich and deep.

This is the week I get haunted by two unusual musicians. They are crowding everything else out.

As for more info - it's all fairly enigmatic. At-Swim-Two-Birds is to Roger what St.Vincent is to Annie: a means to keep some distance.
Vespertine seems to be his own label, while '& Son' could be a french play on words.

In Greek mythology, Hesperus or Roman Vesper [ "evening", "evening star", "west"] is the Evening Star.

Many thanks. This whole RR and 'Spill thing is turning out to be much more rewarding than I ever imagined.

TracyK said...

Ah! Have identified who it reminds me of so much:

DarceysDad said...

Good call, that, Tracy.
Although I only have Nico's Children by Jack, that song is one of the permanents on my mp3 player, so maybe I should check out some more (hint, hint).

I too am absolutely loving this album, but I was going to draw comparisons with Tim Bowness, (Matthew Ryan & Neilson Hubbard's) Strays Don't Sleep, Steve Adey and even Dakota Suite. If anyone wants any help in those directions, just shout.

TracyK said...

If only I hadn't lost our joint copy of the Jack Lolita Elle single in my last acrimoneous break-up (I got Rosite, the Cat City ep and Arab Strap's First Big Weekend on 7", he got Belle and Sebastian's Tigermilk original issue), I'd copy it for you Rich! I can do their Pioneer Soundtrack cd for you, if you'd like though?

DarceysDad said...

I'll swap you that (hostage exchange at the Social?) for a compilation of the four artists I mentioned above. Deal?

TracyK said...

Agreed! I may just be about to buy the Lolita ep on Ebay because it's annoyed me now...

barbryn said...

Yes! Reminded me of Jack too. I have all three albums if anyone needs to borrow... Had been wondering about doing Pioneer Soundtracks as an AOTW one of these days.

ToffeeBoy said...

Liked this shane. Thanks.

nilpferd said...

The opening tracks are a little low key, no. 4 though is awesome, with its hypnotic, overlapping guitar lines- love the way the music swells underneath the increasingly naked lyrics.
5,7,8 and -especially for the lyrics- 9 really appeal to me as well. I could probably get into the rest on repeated listening, though more than half of it appeals right off.
Lovely to hear an album with such sophisticated music- the guitar playing is luscious, and it is also nice that so much is played without drums or bass, though when drums and keys are used, they fit. Overall I'm reminded of a certain German indie sound, the abstract, meandering lyrics and musicianship contribute to this. Also reminds me of NZer Jay Clarkson's band Breathing Cage, while 10 throws up some comparisons with Robert Forsters solo work, particularly Leave here satisfied.

ejaydee said...

Not sure when this is form, but current blogosphere favourites The Xx sound like them. I like it, again because of the tension.

steenbeck said...

Nice, Shane...moody & pretty. I had a little trouble getting into it, at first, it felt logy, to borrow a word from Lisa Simpson, so I followed Nilpferd's advice and started at track 4, and the rest is slowly hypnotizing me.

Shoegazer said...

Quigley's Point is aces too, with even more space left unfilled. Haven't heard the new one yet, but it's on the list. Great pick.