Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bill devotes his life to dance

What with our Japanese connections and the forthcoming Scottish music Blimpfest, I thought you'd like to read THIS article I saw in the local paper. It had a rather splendid photo with it of Bill with an important-looking Japanese scroll, but unfortunately that picture's not on the paper's website, so I found one of a much younger Bill from somewhere else.


Makinavaja said...

Nice article. My Dad's a retired journalist from a local paper in the North East and this is just the sort of story he loved writing. If you're interested you can check out his wartime memories that were published in a short article a few days ago in the paper he used to work for.

I love the stuff the locals do about local people, especially when it's the sort of celebration of a good life that you have posted.

treefrogdemon said...

Yes, that's why I loved it too. People who don't know Scotland may wonder why the schoolkids would be wanting to learn Scottish dancing - it's essential for weddings and lots of other social gatherings here. Not a bit like England, where people who like set dancing are regarded as dangerous hippies.

Proudfoot said...

I wonder what being piper for the duke of Atholl entailed. Do you think he had to follow the duke around like Brave Sir Robin's minstrels in Monty Python's Holy Grail?