Sunday, September 13, 2009

bridge to nowhere

Up early on a Sunday to make a quiche, so I'll pop up a bridgey playlist before I start.. First up, My Bloody Valentine with a deliciously melodic and coherent interlude during the middle 8 of I only said.

Trains and boats and planes
Bacharach brilliance, as well as the fact that this song must be set in Stuttgart- Trains leaving for Paris or Rome?

Man o' sand to girl o'sea
Always meant to do a Robert Forster Go-betweens tribute to match the Grant Mclennan post- this track would have been my first pick. Geeeeeeetar...

Incendiary bridge in this track by the legendary Dunedin band

Shoplifters of the world unite
A hand on my shoulder, a push and it's over.. Bridgetastic.

It never entered my mind
Miles packs a whole song's worth of emotion into a couple of notes at the point where the lyrics would read "you have what I lack myself..."

I didn't really want to post thousands of jazz funk tracks, this Cannonball Adderley track deserves special attention for the contrast, as an irresistable groove develops out of the almost church-like bookends. It was also conceived as a single.

Another pushy song..


Chris said...

Hey, nilpferd, some music we both love(less)! This is a medley record, too! I have no idea what the individual tracks are called, or even where some of them start: it's just a flow of entrancing music, which makes it difficult for me to think of any one section as a bridge...

nilpferd said...

True, that- I had it for years on cassette and it was basically two long jams, after I got the cd it always seemed strange having something start right after I only said. And the way the tracks themselves sometimes have completely different intros makes it hard to pick when one starts and the next stops.
Still, I think with "I only said" there is a certain (chorus-verse x 2)- bridge- chorus structure. Looking forward to checking out catcher's MBV goodies in the box, now I think about it.

tincanman said...

...and a push and its over
..a rush and a push....

Pushing would be a great topic!

nilpferd said...

Indeed. So I've added "push".

shoey said...

Not a Burt fan, but liked this one until the middle 8 - felt like it came from a whole other song rather than a transition (sorry).

Most of the rest started giving me flashbacks: Man O'Sand sounded like it could've been written by Robert Smith, the Verlaines reminded me of the Jam & the Chills seemed quite Wire like in places. Good stuff.

Nobody sounds like Miles


nilpferd said...

Cheers shoey. At least you indirectly confirm the suitability of Trains, boats and planes for this week's theme.. ;-)

Shoegazer said...

Yep, definite middle8ness in there. Do like the theme tune Burt did for Casino Royale. Not sure what they were thinking when it came to the rest of the film.

nilpferd said...

Look of love also has a nice 8. I also didn't get C.R. as a young impressionable Bond fan, although I can appreciate it more now, the way it sends up the secret identity thing, etc.

steenbeck said...

Super 8-tastic list. Love the Smiths, Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis tracks, of course. I liked Pyromaniac a lot, as well.