Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lie Pinocchio LIE.

Honestly.. I don't have time for this... see this - pure 27 or 28 carrotttttt gold. if ya don't believe me have a crunch - could crack a bunnies tooth.. or fill a rabbits account ... know what I mean?
To you Sir....or is it Madam?
12 .. okay, I can do you for 12.
No word of a lie or my name ain't Ruth (with a silent T)

DONE - you av been:


Anonymous said...
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nilpferd said...

Shane- liked your list too- I confess I was expecting True Confessions.. had expected some R. Manuva too, I suggested Coldcut's True Skool on RR. Sure there must be some appropriate Kid Koala too, but couldn't find anything.
Particularly like True False/Fake Real, a charming track.

sane sort of! said...

I have True School on my own play list: Hercules And Love Affair do True False/Fake Real.
Truth And Laughing Gas by Fog nearly got in too... and pony up! but space and time....

(now - could you advice me on the eco friendliest heating system to go in an 1870s semi detached house in the middle of nowhere please oh and design the kitchen and convert the old flint out building into a studio with good acoustics please.. plus do it on a few thousand euro budget.. go on.. it'll make a change from Hospitals!!! you gotta be an expert on all building haven't you?)

nilpferd said...

First of all check the insulation.. you might be able to improve roof and underfloor insulation at low cost, windows and walls would be harder to improve. There is bound to be a check list available at your local council, and there ought to be EU subsidies to be had.
As far as heating goes, Sandra is well informed about systems, the best eco variant is a Stirling motor or a micro CHP- read more here-

Other possibilities include heat exchangers, either via earth bores or using crawl spaces, etc- however these need pumps and are less efficient as they don't generate electricity. I don't think the UK is really ideal for solar energy systems, and wind isn't really cost effective for single homes.
If you want some (free and therefore worthless!) suggestions for the kitchen and outbuilding, mail me some photos or plans. What are the good acoustics for? Depending on your need, solutions here will vary. It would also be important to know what the existing surfaces are.

nilpferd said...

Sandra informs me that the Whispergen seems to be the leading, smallest contender for best available CHP- E.ON is apparently intending to install 80 000 units in the UK by next yr. Developed by one of my countrymen for yachts.
Website here.

saneshane said...

cheers nilpf

did look into the whispergen.
we have no gas supply and trying to remove the reliance of oil/diesel.. will re-read all their info.

at the moment we have various people giving us different views on what they think.. quite often I know they are blatantly wrong! so it's a laugh.

only got the keys last Friday so a week taking off 50 years of wallpaper to let the walls breath again has shattered me.

Fluffied the roof, and ripped down one ceiling to find some insulation over reed and daub.. but not a lot.

it is going to take a while to sort.. but it was cheep.

I'm pretty good at pimping the carcasses (that should get us some interesting hits) for the kitchen.

But I might take you up on the out house at some point.. if it is worth saving it was promised to me as a studio.. so the acoustics are just so my records sound sweet while working...(its only small..anywhere I can play records and work is going to sound fine by me!)

Ru also said we should build a recording studio for 'spillharmonic records, but I think she was buttering me up. and we basically have no cash til the old place sells. and we can't sell the old place til I at least get roofs a kitchen and insulated the place to an okay standard!!


nilpferd said...

Sounds like you're well informed. There have been various fuel alternatives here- whenever the Russians shut off the gas pipeline it tends to bring a flurry of new combustibles on the market- but none has really managed to establish itself. We flirted with wood pellets for the hospital, mainly because of a local politician, but in the end I'm glad we managed to get solar thermal and earth bores installed instead. I read something about some form of carbon neutral charcoal recently, but I think the only sensible use of biomass etc so far has been in large scale plants where you can optimize the emissions, not sure if it will ever be viable on a micro scale. Normally the CHP's can burn a variety of things so maybe there's a good alternative to gas in your vicinity.
We have no wallpaper here either. There are good paints specifically for use on fine plaster, we used a mineral based one in our place which bonds chemically with the plaster and retains moisture permeability, it also has a nice appearance, as the colour is "bonded" into the plaster layer, so you get quite a range of reflection depending on light intensity and source.

One possibility heating-wise if you have no other energy source besides electricity might be the new generation of infra red heat panels- basically like a glass panel with heating elements, which works like a night store at a very low voltage- they work well with masonry.

sane sylum said...

my mate was over from Germany last week and said pellets were in.. but okay for bigger systems and in basements to use the heat rising as well - but here the price isn't regulated, so at the mercy of the pellet price fluctuating.

We have access to wood - off cuts and seasoned quite cheap, so a wood burning stove with boiler system is fine over winter.. but you don't want to be burning that in the summer and we need to store it.. so its not wasted...we dislike waste and were both bought up in old farm houses so another jumper is a good heating source.

We are going to see a few working eco systems next week end.. hopefully it'll help.
East Anglia gets a fair amount of usable sunshine for solar water but electric isn't worth the out lay.
My coiled black hoses with water stored in them isn't enough of a shower for Ruth in the summer when she has to work (how fussy eh)

CHP might be a way forward next summer (for electric too?).. if I can find a friendly way of working it.. good stuff.

picture one is the rubbish use of the south facing building.. with tacked on bathroom.. boiling at the moment when the sun shines.. will freeze in winter i'm guessing.
pic two is my 10 min cut and paste for using that south facing aspect - it wont happen til next year but...

the rest are the Norfolk flint outhouse that needs to be cleaned out insulated and LIGHT got in so I can design in there and play music.. it's a shell, but I love it:

a house
a rough house
art studio

nilpferd said...

Looks great, shane. You'll need to think carefully about your studio in terms of damp-proofing and moisture barriers, probably diffusion-open insulation is the best way to go to avoid mould. Lightwise the classical studio variant is north facing clerestories.
Criminal tacking the bathroom onto the south of the house- depends how open plan your house is though- Sandra would put the bathtub and toilet behind a half-height wall and leave everything else open... might freak the guests out when they need to pee, though..
Passive-energy wise the basics are, minimise window area (doesn't really tally with light needs unfortunately), maximise the heat absorption of massive building elements like masonry or concrete to store warmth- avoid covering them with carpet, etc- insulate well and avoid draughts, which I'm sure you already know.

tincanman said...

I was going to nom Pony up! but decided in the end it might not be on topic enough.

Loved Why tell the Truth

barbryn said...

Sorry to hi-jack a loft insulation thread with a question about music, but I loved this playlist, particularly Her Space Holiday and The Real Tuesday Weld - would like to hear from of these, and wondering if you could recommend where to start?

Japanther said...

always good to have a Shane playlist to come home to...RJD2, Her Space Holiday and the Ragga Twins were my personal highlights, but all good!

steenbeck said...

Good heaven's, Shane. I'm so excited for you! About your house. That sounds like a dream. Or one of those comedy movies about houses falling apart. Tell us what you find in the walls and under the floorboards - we found some cool stuff.

I haven't had time to listen yet. I spent all my listening time watching clips for Clip Joint, and Malcolm's gone back to school, so Isaac needs a playmate. I did make THE COOLEST lego spaceship EVER!! I may need to post a picture.

saneshane said...

Her Space Holiday - 'XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival' their latest and I love it, (Maddy chose a song from it for advice)
or 'The Young Machines' probably the classic, that most people have heard track from by proxy on american tv shows... theres some interesting depressing ones that I will let you drift into yourself.

The Real Tuesday Weld - 'Where Psyche Meets Cupid' or 'I, Lucifer' as classics.
the new one' The London Book Of The Dead' is very consistent as whole album.

at antique beat you can download some song and podcasts to get an

sorry this is rushed - will try and do posts about both bands some time in the future..

thanks for listening everyone and house advice nilpferd - yep steen.. thought the lot was going to collapse on me today!

nice to see you back japanther.

saneshane said...

forgot to mention
Japanther (and Shoey - steen - ejd and the closest hh heads)
you have to check out Ragga Twins Step out on souljazzrecords (they are re-releasing some corkers) here's what they have to say:

"The Ragga Twins/Shut up and dance releases held an intensity that is nowadays hard to imagine; The Twins talked about both Dancehall culture and Rave/E-culture as easily as social commentary with narrations of both micro- and macro- histories of Britain at the start of the 1990s; at the same time SUAD kept up a relentless musical palette of reggae, rave and breakneck-speed hip-hop behind the Twins' vocal juggling, creating cultural and musical anarchy along the way as they sampled everyone in sight - from Prince to Earth, Wind and Fire. As quick as the lawyers and record companies chased, the quicker a remix appeared with a new sample to replace the old one. But if ever anything couldn't last..."

(watch the box over the w'end - could be a pressie)

ejaydee said...

hey Shane, I've been meaning to check them out, but apparently some their most outrageous samples couldn't be authorised. I see they are on spotify...

saneshane said...

I don't think it was outrageous samples, just blatant theft!!
the Producers Shut up and dance took sampling and ran with it.. when the cease orders came in, they knocked up a new version.. mostly just as cool.

I've put a few tracks in the box (can you get to them?)
glad it's on spotty.. I don't know if anyone else will get so much pleasure out of it.. but just like Spiral Tribe, it's a time of my life that I listened to a varied madness of music... and loved them so much!
And just like Spiral tribe - the vinyl that I have has been played to scratch tastic unlistenability! so this comp is a beaut.