Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quiz Time: Last FM Special! NOW WITH ANSWERS!

Scrobbling from iTunes and Spotify to last FM makes interesting reading for those of us who love a music list. 

Here's the quiz, as based on the RR/spill lastfm group user stats.

'Spill points for each correct answer, and a bonus five 'Spill points if you can see the hidden tiger in the picture above! 

1. Who likes Lady Gaga and Crystal Castles in equal measure? 

SV80, guessed by DebbyM

2. Who loves Deep Purple twice as much as the second placed band? 

Gordonimmel, guessed by DebbyM

3. Who loves uber credible indie bands but is partial to a bit of u2 when no-one's looking? 

Barbryn, guessed only by himself

4. Who likes to slip a bit of Take That in with the U2 and Simple Minds? 

Tinny / DebbyM

5. Who has an epic love for Marillion that runs into hundreds of listens? 

Kalyr / DebbyM

6. Who adores the Beatles, and the theme music from Twin Peaks? 


7. Who thinks Richard Thompson is twice as good as Bruce Springsteen? 

Treefrogdemon / DebbyM

8. Whose top ten is 70% goth? 

BethNoir / DebbyM

9. Who loves the Tindersticks dearly, but may switch them off to listen to a bit of Yello?

Shoey, guessed by Steenbeck

10. Who loves soundtracky epics, but also loves to rock out to some Van Halen or AC/DC? 

DarceysDad, guessed by Ejaydee. This baffled the man himself, but Gordo knew too. I think it was my use of new word "soundtracky" that confused. 

11. Who has a big soft spot for 80s shoulderpad and big hair powerballadry? 


12. Who likes Belle & Sebastian 30% more than A Tribe Called Quest? 

Steen / Debby

13. Who has been hammering albums by Mos Def, and Micachu of late? 

Ejaydee / Debby 

14. Who digs Jonathan Richman and 10,000 Maniacs equally? 

Toffeeboy /Debby

15. Who loves sensitive american singer songwriters but turns to Meatloaf when in need of some proper good advice?

Snadfrod - he knew first - but the point goes to Steenbeck!  

No peeking, now GO FOR IT!!


debbym said...

I claim my 5 points for the hidden tiger! To prove that I haven't cheated (without peeking I'm not even sure who actually uses last.fm) here's 15 probably wrong answers:
1. SV80
2. gordonimmel
3. mnemonic?
4. tinny
6. bubbleyou (or similar name, quite 'new' in the group
7. tfd
8. beth
9. richard in austria
10. abahachi
11. frogprincess
12. steen
13. ejd
14. toffee
15. marconious
Apologies to everyone I've got COMPLETELY wrong.
And so endeth today's stint on the computer

snadfrod said...

15's me. Hands down.

Ta Blimp.

Tim (Kalyr) said...

2 has got to be Gordonimmel
8 must be Bethnoir

I know the answer to 5 :)

steenbeck said...

1. Dunno
2. Gordonimmel
3. Shane? No, couldn't be. Shoegazer?
4. Dunno
5. Kalyr
6. DUnno
7. TFD, but I doubt she really does.
8. Bethnoir
9. Tinny or Shoey. -y
10. Exodus?
11. I dunno, I see 80s and think of Toffee or FP, but maybe that's not fair.
12. You know, I shut off my lastFM-o-meter about half a year ago, because, I don't know why...so this doesn't really reflect my current taste. I have to say, with complete conviction, that I don't like anybody better than ATCQ. But I don't really like anybody better than B&S, either. Oh, and it's not just me, is it? It's the three boys of the house, too. Isaac is currently obsessing over Campesinos Beautiful and Doomed. He demands it over and over and over. Good thing I like it. Thanks TracyK

13. EJAY!
14. Sourpus or Toffee
15. Snadious Frodious

Mnemonic said...

5 could have been me except that I can't bear U2. Sneaky listening to Steve Winwood would have nailed me though.

glasshalfempty said...

My, my Debby, you have been paying attention, haven't you. Like you, I don't even know who's in the group, but would concur with your guesses for 2, 5, 7, 8, 14. Steen could as much be 13 as 12. I'm wondering if 3 could be the Blimp himself (U2, I think not); or saneshane. Puzzling as to which one is DsD - 15, perhaps?

Fortunately you didn't get 6. Oh, the shame of it! In my defense, I can only plead that I got my iPod in 2002, and LastFM has therefore scrobbled my listening over 7 years. The profile for the last 2 years, since I passed into the tutelage of RR, has been totally, totally different.

Edouard said...

I'm sure 9 is Shoey, surely?
I'm definitely 13.
Could Dsd be 10?

treefrogdemon said...

Actually as well as RT you have to count Fairport and Richard and Linda. So as of today the score is RT 1431, BS 407.

2 is gordonimmel
Um, 5 is Kalyr
8 is bethnoir certainly
9 is Shoey
11 is fp
12 is steen
13 ejaydee
14 have to go for ToffeeBoy, but wouldn't've thought 10,000 maniacs so much

Give up...

Blimpy said...

tee hee hee, this is fun - keep em coming!

once there's some more speculation from other 'spillers, i'll start to dole out some of those super-rare 'spill points.

DarceysDad said...

I'm a bit late to this, but unless 10. is me, I'm not there. And I'm NOT my first guess for 10.

1. No idea!
2. gordonimmel.
3. Blimpy.
4. frogprincess.
5. Kalyr.
6. Hmmm, actually I'd have said Gordon again.
7. treefrogdemon.
8. bethnoir.
9. TracyK.
10. Marconius7.
11. tincanman? DebbyM? Carole, even?
12. steenbeck.
13. ejaydee.
14. ToffeeBoy.
15. Snadfrod.

gremlinfc said...

DsD - too hard to pin down , too eclectic , too catholic , too much too young...know what you mean...

ToffeeBoy said...

I have to admit that my 10,000 Maniacs count is increased by ToffeeGirl's frequent listens but I am a seriously big fan of Ms Merchant's output.

One of the problems with last.fm play counts is that you'll find separate listings for (for example) Jonathan Richman, The Modern Lovers and Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers which tends to skew things a bit, but it is fascinating seeing what other people are listening to - particularly now that we have such a large amount of meaningful data to play with.

Can we have some new members please?

Abahachi said...

Ooh, good quiz. Mainly I'm trying to work out if I'm on here at all, and if so which one, partly because I'm not sure what a 'soundtracky epic' is. I could be 10, except that I can't recall listening to any AC/DC on last.fm, so I think if I'm anyone it's likely to be 11. 5 is much too easy, ditto 2 and 8.

Have to say that, on the basis of this, it's faintly amazing that we all get on so well...

Proudfoot said...

Well I got 2 and 10. I might have gone for TotankaY for 7, not sure about the Springsteen angle.
11 is interesting. fp?

barbryn said...

If I'm not flattering myself with the "uber credible", I think #3 might be me. For a while, U2's best-of was one of the few albums I had on my hard-drive, so they're over-represented in my listening statistics. As are Arcade Fire, who are apparently my second-most-listened-to artists.

ToffeeBoy said...

I'm pretty sure that frogprincess isn't part of the 'Spill last.fm family so although she does appear to be a top candidate for #11, it can't be she.

debbym said...

Just been over to last.fm for a peek - fp really isn't on there (and I don't think I found marconious either). I'd completely forgotten that severin and skippy are on there too, but at least I now know which number belongs to abahachi!
My own *top* list is very misleading, as it's the Boy Wonder's been listening of late, not me. But it's still not what DsD might think...

gordonimmel said...

Am I that obvious? Sniff!

I assume that I'm number 2 aswell but since I just put lastFM on 'My Library' and leave it to look after itself I don't necessarily listen to much Deep Purple on it or itunes, so that might be a trick question, people. An awful lot of Gentle Giant and Grand Funk Railroad seems to keep coming up on it aswell.

I'll concur with the guesses for 5 (kalyr) and 7 (treefrogdemon), 10 would be favourite for Darceysdad.
Otherwise, I am awaiting illucidation

steenbeck said...


CaroleBristol said...

I am definitely going with the flow here and donding;

2 Gordonimmel
5 Kalyr
8 Bethnoir
13 ejaydee

maybe 12 is frogprincess?

I am going out on a limb and suggesting DsD is an unlikely 14.

I don't think I am on the list at all.

DarceysDad said...

14 def NOT me, Carole - not a JR convert.

CaroleBristol said...

Well, it was just an off-the-wall type guess, DsD

TracyK said...

Should I be pleased that Isaac likes Los Campesinos Steen, or guilty cos it's got two rather spectacular swears in it? My boy loves LC and sings along in the car, as does my friend's boyfriend. It seems they do target boybrain quite well. They played my friend's indie nightclub and they were very lovely, very quiet and asked for lots of healthy, sensible things on their rider. Go figure, eh? Glad you like! x

steenbeck said...

TracyK--yeah, I thought I was getting away with it because they talk pretty fast, but the last time we listened Malcolm yelled "Hey! They said the F word." So I guess that's that. I dunno though, we listen to other music with sweary parts. I feel like they're old enough to know that they shouldn't say it, but I can't protect them from it forever.

Blimpy said...



ejaydee said...

Hey I see it!

Tim (Kalyr) said...

I think #5 is wrong!

Go and look at AoSunlight's profile. He might not have contributed to RR for a while, but he's got a lot more plays of Marillion that I have :)

Blimpy said...

Tim, come on, you know you like a bit of MArillion>!>??!

Blimpy said...

go on, ejaydee

ejaydee said...

In the eternal words of Hansel:
"It's IN the tiger!"

Tim (Kalyr) said...

I've never denied liking Marillion, but I still maintain that he who plays in a Marillion tribute band (yes, really!) is a bigger fan than me.

ejaydee said...

Or rather "ON" the tiger.

barbryn said...

@Blimpy, I may or may not be a closet U2 fan, but I'm pretty sure I'm not a "herself".

@ToffeeBoy/TalkingScarlet: your recent Blue Nile task led me to their LastFM page. Did you know you're their Top Listener?

Blimpy said...

@barbryn - typo, soz! now amended!!

Blimpy said...

5 to ed. Tigertastic!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ babryrn - I did not know that. Proud to be!

treefrogdemon said...

Is it time for the limerick now?

There was a young lady of Riga
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
They ended the ride
With the lady inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Boom boom!

Shoey said...

There was a young lady from Bude
Who went for a swim in the lake.
A man in a punt,
Stuck his pole in her ear
& said you can't swim in here it's private.

steenbeck said...

But showy, that doesn't rhyme!

steenbeck said...

Sorry shoEy, it was the iPhone auto-correcting

Shoey said...

Oh no! Now Steve Jobs is correcting my rhyming.

gremlinfc said...

AII night long you've been lookin' at me,
well you know you're the dance hall cutie that you love to be ,
oh well now you've been layin' it down ,
you got your
hips swingin' out of bounds ,
And I like the way you do what you're doin' to me..............

TatankaYotanka said...

There was a young lady called Steen
who perused something quite obscene
her iPhone went bonkers
when she strayed into Yonkers
Now Shoey's put up a smoke screen

Shoey said...

There was young lady called Steen,
Who enquired why the rhyme was so clean.
Shoey made an apology,
blamed alien technology,
& that was the last he was seen.

steenbeck said...

Come back Shoey!! OBVIOUSLY I don't care much about cleanliness, but as observed at some point on RR, I'm a big fan of Doggerel. Just looking for the easy rhymes.

gordonimmel said...

'Tiger Feet' by Mud.
Me and my brothers used to do the dance infront of the telly when they were on TOTP.

gremlinfc said...

That's right that's right that's right
that's right gordonimmel,
I really LOVE your Tiger light...

tincanman said...

I blame Mrs Tin for the Take That and the U2

bethnoir said...

Gosh, I'm touched. I didn't know I was so obvious! I do listen to things that aren't goth too, but I'm honoured to be represented in the quiz (sorry I've only just seen it) :-)