Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'Spillharmonic Records - Update

As Tinny pointed out, it has gone a bit quiet on the 'Spillharmonic Records front.
After the initial flurry of activity and donations, things kinda got stuck at the $755 mark. 

So, for those who don't know, here's a recap. 

'Spillharmonic Records has been founded to release special one-off singles.
The idea is that us music lovers can add to the canon of good music and have some fun at the same time. All those who donate, whatever amount, become equal partners in the label and have an equal say in what goes on record, as well as contributing to art/video/promotion etc. 
One band per side of vinyl (there will be a cd included also, and mp3s, for the more modern folks). 

So, if you are a reader of the 'Spill, and would like to get involved - you can donate securely via Paypal via the widget below, or in the sidebar. 

We're not far off the financial target, so please do get stuck in, so we can really get going! 

Work has started on the label website, click here to view, which needs to be added to. 

Also, we should now be looking at submissions for tracks to release. Previous consensus of opinion was that we should be helping a band/bands who are already out there gigging, and trying to make a go of it. So, if you know of anyone, please get them to send a track or two in!  


tincanman said...

I'd like us to give serious consideration to that street hiphop group in Manchester that Exodus referred to here recently.
I couldn't find the link - perhaps you'd resupply it Exodus?
I know hiphop isn't the first love of most on RR/Spill, but I think what they represent is exactly what Spillharmonic should be about.
Exodus - you need not to be shy por worried about conflicts here. Pipe up man! Tell us their story, link to the vids, say what you think about recordability/videoability? (Anyone know a good music video maker?)

Shoegazer said...

Probably totally impractical but what about a 10"?

- Bigger canvas for cover art & corners that don't bend as easily as their bigger brother.
- Thicker plastic that fits snuggly on the turntable, without annoying under or overhang.
- Room for 4 tracks.

Never understood why this format wasn't more popular.

Catcher said...

I know I've had forever to chip in, but with one thing and another, I've only this week been able to persuade my bank to issue me with a new Maestro card (loooooong story), so I can finally shop online again after a drought of two years! Which means I can finally contribute. Having said that, can I have an extension of about two weeks, please sir, so that I can sort out a few cashflow problems first?

Blimpy said...

@shoe - good call! i'll look into the practicalities! or mebbe you'd like to?

@catcher -ignore the end date, i've since changed it, there isn't really an end date anyways

Shoegazer said...

Blimps, quick google found this:


Makinavaja said...

Have taken the plunge! I will take a look at all the websites etc and try to get involved. I think this is a fantastic project.

Blimpy said...

@maki - good choice!! and if you have a look back through the archive, you'll be able to see the development of this bonkers idea.

sourpus said...

Id like to put forward Produkty for consideration.


No, theyre not Slavic. From Leicester. But containing one of England's greatest ever unsung songwriters. Just listen to 'Girlfriend gone' and see what I mean.

Exodus said...

Just caught up with this - Ajah are on Youtube here

& on myspace here


The sound quality of the clips isn't brilliant, but they give a good idea of their work.

Here's what they have to say about themselves

"No BLING or BENZ, no GANGSTERS or GUNS just RHYTHM and RHYME and HEART stopping BEATS. SPIT it OUT!!! The music Ajah makes is lead by lyrical content and the percussion in the languages they write in, with hard-hitting lyrics Ajah navigate the audience through their experiences of perception, local national & international identities, gender & sexuality, poverty, caste & class. The music and the words have a symbiotic relationship creating & conveying Hip Hop folk tales. Ajah’s performance and imagery challenge and disrupt people’s notions, broadening people’s experiences of what we see, hear and know."

'Bandit Queen' & 'Lucidity' - the rappers have worked with few different musicians since they started the band - the current line up (the 'Exodus Festival' footage) I particularly like - the guitarist & bass player come from a rock/indie background, which creates an interesting mix.

I do know quite a few video makers & also have access to a video editing suite and a fairly decent quality audio recording suite, which could be used free of charge (although we don't currently have a sound engineer on hand).

I promise I will donate to the fund - now I've caught up with what it's all about - but it might not be till next pay day (mid October) as it's holidays for me next week!

glasshalfempty said...

The son of a good friend of mine has a band in the boondocks of Ontario. Sam Powell is only 17, but determined to make it in the biz. We share a passion for Hendrix. He and his band - An Island's View - have got some pretty good material: have a listen on:

They are my nom for the opportunity to make it on to 'spill wax...

B-Mac said...

I'm starting to think a 4 tracker mightbe a good idea.

glasshalfempty said...

I would also repeat my earlier nom of Steen's dream song (from a post a while ago when she was discovering the joys of garageband). I know she wants it forgotten about, but I thought it was crackerjack. It's on her YouTube channel too.

steenbeck said...

Aw, Thanks, Glasshalfempty.

I can do better, I know it!! Probably never up to 'Spillharmonic standarts though.