Friday, September 11, 2009

Crazy Eights

When I Go Deaf
White Mask
A Buddha Made of Mud
Itsuko Got Married
Tupperware Stripper
De Testimony
Yoo Doo Right
Reynard The Fox
Another Night In


Proudfoot said...

Definite donds for Reynard. Mad.

Anonymous said...
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Shoegazer said...

Both "Reynard" & "Deaf" were already sitting comfortably in the Marconium & some of the rest are a bit tangenital middle 8 wise. Good theme, though - should be a good week.

nilpferd said...

"Language" is wonderful and intriguing- there's a real Jaco Pastorius sound to the bass, is any of it sampled? The first bass loop sounds very Weather Report.
The Bhudda track was delightfully whimsical, De Testimony nicely constructed.
Yoo Doo Right reminds me of Electronic, and a track of theirs I need to post on RR.

Shoegazer said...

The slap bass on language is by Sketch, who, in a strange career move, joined 23 Skidoo in the mid 80's after Linx broke-up. Yoo Do Right is a remix of the Can epic by Jam & Spoon. Buddha has been kicking around for a while, but was only officially released this year on the new Wevie Stonder album. Thanks for stopping by, Nilpferd.

Japanther said...

excellent stuff Shoey, a good balance of off-kilter eccentricity and sublimely (sorry!) beautiful .
Hadn't heard Wevie Stonder for years, so that was good to hear, loved the Bearsuit track and of course a Deerhoof tune is always welcome round my way. Yoo Doo Right was completely new to me and sounded great too

Shoegazer said...

Cheers, JP. Have missed you in the shoelounge. Thaks for kind words & to all for not pointing out the liberties taken with this weeks theme.

steenbeck said...

Finally had time to listen, and I liked THE WHOLE LIST! But I don't know who any of it is by. NIce soundtrack for some rainy day lego madness.