Friday, September 18, 2009


After You've Gone
Big Leg Blues
Pay Day
Turning Point
There She Goes
Baby Gonna Leave Me
I'm Waking Up to Us
You Made Me Forget My Dreams
Do Me a Favour
The Great Compromise
Here it Comes
Hand Springs
Love Sick
The Rooster
U R the One
You Got Me
Otha Fish


FP said...

Chet Baker any time any place... Have you see the let's Get Lost film??? One of my favourites...

nilpferd said...

Love sick, The Rooster and Otha Fish my stand-outs on this list.
FP reminds me I also need to see Let's get lost again, right after I rent Mondovino..

nilpferd said...

..and for that matter, The Bicycle Thief.. Sandra remembers it well, but I've never seen it.

steenbeck said...

Thanks, as ever, for listening, Nilpferd.

I haven't seen Let's Get Lost, but I have wanted to for years.

Oh, I hope you like the bicycle thief. I've had a week of trying to figure out why some things seem so perfect to me (the balloon joke, Hand Springs, Bicycle Thief) I think it's inexplicable sometimes.

Bee Mark said...

There's a song called "Ocean and A Rock" that has the refrain "let's get lost" , you may like it, I do:

Mack Bee said...

Hand Springs is nigh on perfect, you;re right about that!