Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Away We Go & New Ballboy (kinda)

I think I may have posted the trailer for the new Sam Mendes directed film "Away We Go" way back, I'm now pleased to report that I just watched the film, and it's ace.
A lot of the songs on the s/t are sung by a chap named Alexi Murdoch, so here's one.

Ballboy fans! New Ballboy (kinda!) - hop on over to the always excellent Song By Toad to hear more from Gordon's side project! Fab stuff!!


TracyK said...

Saw this tonight (love Orange Wednesdays, cheap film and very cheap Pizza Express, yummy!) and we were just glowing at the end. It's just beautiful, with some fab smaller roles from Allison Janney, Catherine O'Hara (who is great in just about everything she does) and especially Maggie Gyllenhaal -sp?- as the worst kind of earth mother. John Krasinski is wonderful, such a subtle reactor (anyone else a fan of The US Office?) I do think the trailer fillets the best bits too much, but do go and see it. I made a point of trying to see who'd donw the music, but the credits are enormously long, so thanks for filling me in Blimpy! Plus, new Ballboy: eeeeeeexcellent postage Blimps!

Blimpy said...

cheers Tracy!

i'm a big fan of the US office too, and having just got series 1-3 on dvd in the post (amazon 14quid - 51 episodes!) i made sure i saw Away We Go before John Krasinski became Jim too firmly in my head. KRasinski features briefly in Jarhead, another Mendes film, that I just finished watchng just now. Seems like it's Mendes week! Has anyone seen Road To Perdition? ANy good??