Monday, September 21, 2009

Microdisney at the Fool Moon Club Cork


BloodyParadise said...

I don't think I've got the hang of this yet.

But the fact remains - Sprouts are best eaten 'prefabbed'.

Swossages and early-days HighLlamas come free with every pack.

BloodyParadise said...

so that's Sean o'Hagan sucking his teeth, and Cathal moonlighting from school. He was 17. His parents forbade him from 'carrying on with that music'.
Yea well so. he went on to rant with Fatimah Mansions, while Sean mounted a llama. It's a Cork predeliction. Find a small endangered species , and ride.

ToffeeBoy said...

Excellent - thanks for posting this. I saw Microdisney a couple of times in London in the mid-80s - in slightly bigger venues.

I never really liked the Fatima Mansions that much - I think that in Microdisney, Cathal was reigned in (to excellent effect) by Sean's pop sensibilities.

Love The High Llamas - in fact I'm listening to Hawaii as we speak.

Chris said...

TB: have you heard Berties Brochures? It's only short but has more ballads than most Fatima certainly than their later stuff). Apart from one very harsh take on Shiny Happy People, there's little to scare the horses.

BloodyParadise said...

You do know - I suppose you do - that when a corkman greets you, he says 'How a' ye?' There are more puns in 'Hawaii' than meet the eye.

Llamas hop from rock to rock.

Being riddled with Cork was a weird 20-year trip for me - and this was one small hi-light : my first and only club-nite - as organiser and MC. some time in the '80's I think.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Chris - no I haven't heard Berties Brochures. I'll track it down. Thanks for the recommendation.

@ BP - I like the idea of being riddled with Cork! Peronally, I suffer from Watford.

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