Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Keith Floyd

Keith Floyd has died, aged 65. 

He suffered a heart attack last night, roughly the same time that the Keith Allen meets Keith Floyd programme aired.

Are the two connected, I wonder? 

I had mixed feelings about Floyd after watching the Allen interview, and seeing how he'd pissed away his chances of happiness with his daughter, and his steadfast refusal to recognise his alcohol problem, despite the fact it had almost killed him on more than one occasion and alienated his nearest and dearest. 


treefrogdemon said...

Blimpy, that Keith Allen programme was so sad...I can see your point of course, but nobody's perfect after all. Have a watch of the clips they've put on the Grauniad website and remember how good he was.

Blimpy said...

Yeah, I didn't mean for this post to come out so negative, but after watching that programme...

Makinavaja said...

He got me interested in cooking. I won mrs maki over with my cooking. He has a lot to answer for!

Shoegazer said...

He was one of those enthusiastic eccentrics that the BBC used to be so good at finding & giving airtime to. Was probably pretty obnoxious in real life, but he sure beats Delia Smith as foodtertainment. Anyone who picks the Stranglers as their signature tune can't be all bad. RIP Keith.

Makinavaja said...

Anyone remember the ad he did for the Stranglers' Greatest Hits. Pure Floyd.

Shoegazer said...

Ha, never saw that before. Cheers, Maki.

CaroleBristol said...

Sad, but hardly unexpected. He was one of those people who burned the candle at both ends and also lit a fire under the middle too!

One of the real original, unorthodox TV cooks, the ones who came afterwards were in his debt in some way.

His devotion to doing things in the traditional ways was great, Elizabeth David was his guide, I think.

After Floyd on France it was a long downhill journey, i think. The programmes got worse as the drink took hold and he did become pretty obnoxious in real life. His fights with his wives and friends were pretty intense.

I saw him once at the late lamented Bristol Wine Show, drunk as a lord and holding forth to a couple of somewhat overawed women.

RIP Keith, you brought TV cooking alive, as well as giving the first TV exposure to quite a few chefs, Rick Stein to mention just one.