Friday, September 25, 2009

Everyone's a Winner

I Fought the Angels
With a Hip
Overnight Success
Top of the Hill
Can't Win
The Underdog
What's My Mission Now?
Coming Second
Paths of Victory

I'm the Ruler
Struggle of Life
The Supreme Illusion
Kiss the Champion


Anonymous said...
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Japanther said...

incredible playlist this week Shoey, I dug just about every single track and even had a few of them myself (my adoration of Six By Seven is well documented).

Of the new ones on me, the Tom Waits and Lee Perry tracks were favourites, and again I was tricked by a title, I thought Underdog was going to be the Dirtbombs, which come to think of it i'm pretty sure is a cover anyway....

Shoegazer said...

My contract states that I get to borrow Mr. Waits from Steen when he's being batshit crazy.

steenbeck said...

But I like him when he's bat shit crazy!

Just listening now. Heh heh, Malcolm's dancing with scissors to With a Hip.

Shoegazer said...

Strangely, there is another fine bunnysong called "Scissors in the Sand". Pleased that the tune has been Malcolmed.

steenbeck said...

They liked the whole list, sg. So did I. The Tom waits & reggae I expected to like, but the strokes were something of a surprise.

I saw echo & the bunnymen in concert a million years ago.

tincanman said...

Dunno why, but I thought The Spoons were some one hit new wave band. I liked The Underdog - is that their 'sound'?

Shoegazer said...

That would be "Spoon" (vb), they tend to change things up a bit & this one's from the most recent album.