Friday, September 25, 2009

Grammy Winners

Me and at least nilpferd will enjoy this... play list soon


Catcher said...

This is really good. It sounds like they should be on Warp or Planet Mu. Off to Wikipedia I go. Thanks, saneshane.

nilpferd said...

Awesome shane, brilliant graphics too. I have the band on some Compost compilations but I didn't know this track.
Just shows that- besides making beer- there is something else Müncheners can do well.

saneshane said...

Catcher my version of this was on !K7
if anyone has this vocal please dropbox it..
I'll post mine in a playlist soon..

I love these graphics.. my !K7 comp had a DVD with loads of interesting stuff (and of coarse that Tosca Honey video - that you had qualms about posting in the sweet RR- if my memory is correct)

nilpferd said...

Ha ha, funny you remember that. I didn't have a huge problem with it, but it wasn't what I was expecting when I innocently linked to it. I wouldn't worry about it nowadays, back then I was new enough to RR to worry that people might take it the wrong way.
From !K7 I have a couple of great comps, the Kruder and Dorfmeister and Trüby Trio DJ Kicks, as well as Tosca's Suzuki, which I'll always associate with balmy Sydney nights as I first heard it there. Strangely, Suzuki in dub, the even better remix album, isn't on !K7 but directly on G-Stone.

saneshane said...

I'm having projected 'new kid' syndrome in real life as my boy has just started school..

it is so weird to see the different ways people adjust to it.. and RR is just the same.. you could do a case study to see if the RR personality in blogsphere.. is the same as the reality.

don't have:
Trüby Trio DJ Kicks or Tosca's Suzuki or the dub one..

there's too many things I want to listen to in my life time.. been having a fine time listening to some old Ninja albums today..

FP said...

Funkstoerung sind RATTEN-GEIL. Love 'em. Used to thnk of them them as Kraftwerk's deliquent grandsons. They generally put free mP3s of their music on the very good download site

nilpferd said...

Maybe I'll AOTW Suzuki or Suzuki dub at some stage. You're owed a compilation from me anyway, so now I'm forming an idea about what to put on it.. I thought you had everything already..