Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eight Tracks

I spent last week humming middle 8s to myself but forgot to nominate most of them. Never mind, here's my loosely linked quiz. The pictures come from albums which feature an 8 track. That is a track which contains or refers to said number. I only need the title of the track. You can tell us it was the eleventh take, is on the beginning of side 2 or that its working title was Scrambled Chair but I won't be interested.
8 shall be the number of the counting. Thou shalt not count to 9, neither shalt though count to 7 unless thou then proceedeth to...oh, skip a bit brother.


steenbeck said...

Sk8er boy?

Makinavaja said...

Bowie: 1984?
Hazel O'Connor: Eighth Day?
Suzi Quatro . 48 Crash?

ejaydee said...

Does 8 days a week count, or was that a given?

DarceysDad said...

Shamefully, I knew the Avril Lavigne Sk8ter Boy.

No idea what the 8 is on Syd or Bowie's LPs; not a fan of either.

Knew Hazel's Eighth Day.

Might've worked out 48 Crash.

Unless the last one is the eighth volume of the In The Fishtank series, I don't know it.

Makinavaja said...

Is the Syd Barret one Octopus?

Proudfoot said...

Yes, ejaydee you were supposed to get that too (although that makes 9 answers, disappointingly)
The rest of you are all correct, except the fishtank theory.

saneshane said...

is that underworlds '8 Ball' you are going for at the end?

(although I might be getting my cover art mixed up - without research)

Proudfoot said...

not underworld, but your genres aren't too confused saneshane

saneshane said...

it looks like a peter saville sleeve then.. if not tomato.

but the only new order I can think of is 586 to fit the 8 theme.


Shoegazer said...

Bah! Late again. Also stumped unless 808 State was left on the table?

Proudfoot said...

8080808, shoey. (Looks like Karen Carpenters diary) The fish is a small square on an otherwise very New Order-ish sleeve.