Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a (c)Rappy list!

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The Word - Truthiness
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I'm Confessin'
Kind Mama
She Lyin'
Please Stop Your Lying
Babylon System
Message to the Messengers
Nothing in the Silence
The Truth
Moment of Truth
Don't Believe the Hype
Ghetto Thang
Bin Laden

The Ethiopians - One

For Toffeeboy - the Belle & Sebastian song with Go Betweens references, which I meant to post AGES ago.
Shoot the Sexual Athlete


ToffeeBoy said...

Hey steenbeck - thanks for that - lovin' it.

nilpferd said...

Great clip steen..
The wordinistas over at Websters.. I gotta remember that..
Hope to have time to listen later, at the moment my gut is telling me to take the quiche out of the oven, it's brunch-time..

nilpferd said...

I'm confessin' reminds me of the intro to Endtroducing, Wiki tells me DJ Shadow lifted the lines "you're just fessin.." from the Beastie Boy's Party's gettin rough.
Gil Scott Heron, Gang Starr, De la Soul all awesome. The Truth, Propaganda, Testify and Bin Laden are also fine tracks.
I think my favourite of the (c)rap you've posted is Public Enemy, though- that beat is so straight ahead, I love the way Chuck D raps- the way he attenuates and extenuates his lyric to build tension and release, and the sound of his voice.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening, Nilpferd. I had the feeling you might be the only one to wade through all the hip hop.

saneshane said...

hey steen.. he's not the only one

even if I'm having very little time to reply to you all.. still keeping the ears open to all the list/ AOTWs and posts.

got down to Bin Laden so far..
like this subject, for some reason it has thrown up less safety zone, more challenging tracks, and that to me is a good thing.

steenbeck said...

Shane, that came out much more petulant than I intended it. It's not an easy list to listen to unless you're in an angry mood, but I agree that I like that about the subject. Lord knows it's hard to keep up with all the listening. Good to see your name again!

saneshane said...

petulant.. that's nothing.. got a 4 and a half year old that starts his 1st day of school tomorrow here!

the list works for slightly too on edge parent and over excited BOY who has been up since 5.30 am bouncing off walls!

Shoeys is helping too!

one of us is going to pop soon.. louder tunes.. fasters tracks.. now BOUNCE... yeah hey...

steenbeck said...

Shane (she's very slow, steenbeck) Do you have a new house!?!?!?!

saneshane said...

oh yes ms.steen
Ru spotted a house about 8 weeks ago up for sale.. been empty for a while.. nice bit of gardens and green houses around it.
Out of our price range.
Then we found out it was owned by a company that had turned down massive offers for the land, because they wanted the money to get into their accounts before september - balancing books or something.
We offered what we could beg - they said yes.. and I'm now up to my eye balls in an 1870's house repair - and trying to get some semblance of eco friendliness into it.

fun tho.. some pics of mostly the outhouse in my responses to nilpferd (with my playlist)