Thursday, September 24, 2009


In response to Shoey's request, here's some thrown together (non-musical) EOTWQs:

1. First of all, to connect to the picture, what's the strangest item of clothing you've ever worn?

2. I've decided to do this at almost two in the morning, because I'm on work admin avoidance again. I do love my job, but the paperwork is a pain in the arse. Which part of your job is (a) the worst? (b) the best?

3. After a comment made by Darcey at teatime to night, I'd like to know what's the most disgusting food you've ever made yourself eat, just to be polite?

4. Hmmm. I've already had to delete two completely unnecessary uses of the word 'basically' from this post. Which word or phrase do you grossly overuse?

5. It's my round: what are you having?


And an extra techie question: As Boxstr seems to have gone for good, I wondered how you were all still posting mp3s? [A Mr. S.Gazer of Florida has provided the answer.]

Dance The Night Away


Shoegazer said...

Nearly had 2 EOTWQ posts - will save my evil work for another time.

Question 5a. There is the Blimpy borrowed bandwidth method. Can provide additional entertainment if Tarts show up. Would suggest the Dropbox method to keep Tin gainfully employed (still can't believe the lack of support for calling it 'Spitoon, Pah!).

DarceysDad said...

Yeah, but what IS the DropBox method? How do you do it?

I can't find any instructions in our 'How To ...' Section.

Shoegazer said...

1. Copy the tunes into your public dropbox folder

2. Once cooked, right click on the tune you want to post. Select "dropbox" then "copy public link"

3. Paste into the Yahoo player code in the post as you would with Boxtr.

DarceysDad said...

Cheers, Shoey. I'll try it now ...

Anonymous said...
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AliMunday said...

I'm usually last with the EOTWQ, where is everyone?

1. Hard to say, I'm a scruffy bugger, most people think I look strange even when I'm under the impression that I look normal. I'll go for my mum's nylon fur coat when I was in my teens. Or a chain mail shirt, but I didn't actually inflict that on the public - my ex used to make them and I was a useful tailor's dummy.
2. The worst - interminable meetings with death by Power Point presentations. I just cannot sustain interest. The best - getting to visit places all over the region that I would otherwise never have known about.
3. I don't really do polite when it comes to food. I suppose squid might qualify but it wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be.
4. It's not so much a word but two forms of punctuation - I overuse !!!s and ...s.
5. A pint of real ale, preferably a session beer (i.e. 3.8% or 4.0%)and preferably a pale ale but bitter or stout will do, thank you kindly ... damn, there go those ...s again.
6. Dropbox is the only one I can get my head around and it usually takes me several attempts, even though it's relatively straight forward.

AliMunday said...

Let's see if it works:

AliMunday said...

That'll be a no ... !!! must have missed a stage.

nilpferd said...

1. Probably a joke tartan cloth cap with fake orange hair and a button which, when pressed, plays "Scotland the brave".
a) having to argue with firms about money.
b) seeing people taking pleasure in using a finished building.
3. Mara and her friend recently made "dessert" from canned strawberries plus the syrup they were in, Quark, vanilla sugar, chocolate chips, crumbled fruit bars. It was a bit sweet for my tastes.
4. Actually, actually.
5. Some of that cask strength Bruichladdich up behind the bar. Just a drop of water, please.

tincanman said...

1. strangest clothing?
Most of my wardrobe when I met my wife (according to her)

2. Which part of your job is (a) the worst? (b) the best?
Sorry, what is this thing job of which you speak?

3. disgusting food?

4. Which word or phrase do you grossly overuse?
Nom. (Since it apparently doesn't work)

5. It's my round: what are you having?
Sudafed, and make it a feckin double.

tincanman said...

Having just read the comments so far, Nilpferd I notice you alluding to some shall we say challenges in the collections department.
Perhaps I can be of assistance. I have many brothers and sisters. Can't really say more. Ciao

nilpferd said...

Thanks, tin. It's not that it's my money; usually it's the client's. But I just hate arguing about it.

tincanman said...

In my family, we don't argue. We explain how a situation is, and dat's dat.

ShariVari said...

1. I'm rather fond of my t-shirt with Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko riding a motorbike on the front. I don't think i had many major fashion missteps in my youth but i persist in wearing clothes that would probably raise eyebrows in some circles - a neon pink hoodie from the Elio Fiorucci boutique in Milan is a favourite, although clearly originally intended for teenage girls. It would probably have to be the makeshift toga made out of a bedsheet i was forced to wander round Stoke Newington in, having been locked out of my flat, though.

2)I like writing reports and analysing contracts - anything i can lock myself away for a few hours and concentrate on. Although thankfully very rare, the worst part of my job is probably telling people they're suspected of cheating in exams - i did once get to go to Calabria to break the news which made it slightly better.

3)A few years ago, i was in a Chinese restaurant in Warsaw and ordered a vegetarian rice dish that was almost like a stew, swimming, as it was, in a thick yellow grease. It was absolutely repulsive but, as we were the only people in the place and the cooks were at the front of the house watching us eat, i felt obliged to make my way through three quarters of it. It could have been worse, my girlfriend at the time had the "vegetarian" noodles which came with chicken she was forced to eat around.

4) It varies from week to week. At the moment "clearly" and "furthermore".

5) I tend to drink spirits but visits to Porto and Brussels this year have given me more of a taste for port and fruit beers like Kriek and Frambozen. I'll take a straight shot of a good vodka, like Belvedere or Chopin, if it's available, perhaps a gin and tonic, if it's not.

CaroleBristol said...

1. First of all, to connect to the picture, what's the strangest item of clothing you've ever worn?

Strange? Hmmm, I've worn some quite shocking things in the past, remember that I have hadd opportunities to wear fashions from the 70s and 80s. I've worn some really uncomfortable things too, sometimes even from choice!

I think for all round bad design and awkwardness, I am going to nominate that late 80s and early 90s powerdressing garment The Body. Remember them? A kind of leotard thingy to go under your powerdressing suit and look like a tucked in lycra top. They were fastened underneath with poppers and fitted the body very closely. They looked great with the suit but going to the loo was a right pain, especially if you were wearing tights too.

2. I've decided to do this at almost two in the morning, because I'm on work admin avoidance again. I do love my job, but the paperwork is a pain in the arse. Which part of your job is (a) the worst? (b) the best?

The best bit? Seeing a project complete on time, on budget and without problems.

The worst bit? Customers with unreasonable demands, well that is most customers really, some of the time, but I am thinking of those customers who don't specify exactly what they want and then blame me when they don't get the things they forgot to mention.

I really hate the annual performance assessments round too. I don't like judging my staff in that way, basically because I don't like being harsh on people. I always try and talk up their achievements, within reason. If I have an issue with someone's work, I prefer to deal with it at the time and not wait to the end of the year and hit them with it then.

3. After a comment made by Darcey at teatime to night, I'd like to know what's the most disgusting food you've ever made yourself eat, just to be polite?

My Mum was a pretty bad cook, so it would be easy to list out most of her standard meals from my childhood but that wouldn't be fair. She grew up in the 1930s and during the War, so her basic skills weren't exactly honed on top materials.

When I was going out with my first serious girlfriend, I went to a family meal at her parents home. OK, it was a tricky gig in the first place, she hadn't actually come out to them before we started seeing one another, so I was really nervous and wanted to make a good impression. She'd told me what a good cook her Mum was, if a bit traditional with the recipes, so I expected a nice meal but the food was awful; incredibly tough, dry and well-done roast beef, flabby Yorkshires, overdone veggies and Oxo gravy that was about 50% salt. Afterwards, she served up a rice pudding that was so dry and overly sweet every mouthful was an effort to get down. They served Croft Original sweet sherry before the meal and a vile medium-sweet Liebfraumilch with the beef.

I forced myself to eat as much as I could and had to refuse seconds, which her Mum was trying to get me to have even while I was struggling with the first plateful.

My girlfriend hoovered the food down though. I suppose it was what she was used to eating.

4. Hmmm. I've already had to delete two completely unnecessary uses of the word 'basically' from this post. Which word or phrase do you grossly overuse?

"Fuck" gets a fair amount of use, as does "basically" as well.

5. It's my round: what are you having?

A bottle of decent claret please. It doesn't have to be a Cru Classé wine, just a nicely made, reasonably mature red Bordeaux.

Abahachi said...

1.Childhood trauma alert: the red, white and blue ensemble - t-shirt, shorts, socks, top hat - that I was forced to wear for the town street party in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977. Made a life-long militant Republican of me. Unfortunately photographic evidence still exists.

2.Tricky. Not generally keen on the admin most of the time, but it's generally tedious rather than actively aggravating, and I have been known to derive pleasure from a particularly elegant formulation for a guideline. The research: wonderful and uplifting when it's all flowing and the ideas are coming, ghastly when I'm staring blankly into space and failing to have any thoughts about anything. The teaching: again, can be depressing (being stared at by sea of apathetic faces, sense of getting absolutely nowhere) or exhilerating - probably the best bet for a lift, actually, as it's possible to feel a sense of achievement from a performance that is competent despite feeling uninspired. On the whole I do have a job that is good much more often than it's bad. Worst aspect must be dealing with student complaints; sometimes justified, most of the time really not, and it's the sense of absolute entitlement even if they have done absolutely no work that gets to me - but at the same time I feel guilty because it is their future that we're talking about...

3.Nothing comes instantly to mind, partly because I eat almost anything. Not keen on boiled egg, which does sometimes crop up in kedgeree or the like. Problems more likely to occur when faced with food that is delicious but heavy on the animal fat, e.g. very buttery pastry, which I try to avoid because it sets my gall bladder off; sometimes I have had to take on knowingly a night of pain, just to be polite.

4.Tendency to finish questions with "or...?", e.g. "would you like to go for a walk, or..?", which clearly indicates complete reluctance to impose my wishes on anyone, even by asking a question without offering a clear get-out alternative, and drives Mrs Abahachi up the wall.

5.Pint of real ale, please.

ejay said...

1. Probably that fur vest.

2. a) Being around music and doing something different everyday.
b) Not knowing what I would be doing the next day.

3. Well I was being polite to myself when I had my curry potatoes with Herbes de Provence and melted Gruyere (in the microwave please), otherwise it would be the pasta served in the pot, which was still half filled with oil. Or there was that time when I finished a whole plate of goat tripe. It wasn't really disgusting per se, but after a few mouthfuls it gets a bit much, too much.

4. Brilliant and great, the only two adjectives I know to describe songs on RR.

5. White Russian or a flavoured vodka, on the rocks. I haven't had Manzana in ages, that was nice.

You can still use Boxstr, it'll still give you the codes right after your files are uploaded. After that though, you're f*cked.

ejay said...

I should swap 2a and 2b.

barbryn said...

1. Being dressed as generic bronze age person (a sack, basically) for a night at Stonehenge, as an extra in an archaeology documentary, was interesting...

2. a) Sometimes I write genuinely good things for good causes.

b) I'm not keen on phoning up strangers.

3. Not sure there is anything. I'm veggie, so sometimes feel obliged to eat hard-boiled eggs, which I'm not keen on, but wouldn't call disgusting.

4. I have that irritating habit of using yes and no interchangably: "Yeah, no, that would be great", "No, yes, definitely", "Yeah, no, I see what you mean".

5. Thanks. I'll have a hoppy, golden real ale please. Or possibly something stupidly strong brewed by Belgain monks.

(6. I use Dropbox links, but hyperlink the text in my post, rather than using Yahoo player.)

Makinavaja said...

1. Discounting fancy dress get ups inflicted on me by a village fete loving mother, I suppose it has to be a striped yellow, red, purple and green home knitted (very badly by me)tank-top I thought was oh so cool when I was about eleven.
2.a) The paperwork
b) The feeling of being able to help a student achieve something they thought they would never be able to do well. This can be as simple as taking down a phone message correctly or making an important deal-clinching presentation.
3. A thin soup with lamb's brain floating in it. An invitation from a very important customer on a trip to Mexico many years ago.
4. Starting phrases with "So,..." Especially embarrassing at work, as "So" is what people say in Spain to horse or donkey to slow it down!
5. A pint of your best ale, please.

Japanther said...

1. can't think of anything too crazy but when I was in my "grunge" phase I used to wear 3 pairs of socks at all times. One normal pair, football socks over those and thick hiking socks over the football socks, all thrust snugly into a big pair of paratrooper troops at the end of my skinny legs. I also wore pyjama bottoms (old second hand ones from Oxfam) under ripped jeans and a pyjama top as a shirt a la Kurt Cobain. I think I just about got away with it...

A. The "penny drop" moment when what i've been trying to teach for the last hour is suddenly understood perfectly.
B. paperwork, writing performance reports, travelling around on Tokyo trains all day in a suit, especially when it's 35 degrees and 90% humidity in the summer

3. A couple of years ago we were at the home of a Russian woman in Finland whom we always buy handmade baskets from. After the business side had been taken care of she served this Finnish fish pie thing that her husband had made. At the time I was still vegetarian and had managed to live my life thus far without ever having eaten a single fish (except for the fish finger and tomato ketchup toasted sandwiches me and Satankidneypie used to make after coming back from the pub!) and i'm sorry to say that my fears had been true, it was the most disgusting thing I had ever eaten. I pushed it around a lot, followed each mouthful very swiftly with a gulp of water and managed to get most of it down. After that we only ever stop by her house briefly and say that we can't stay. She does give us some delicious Russian sweet things sometimes though.

4. I like "basically" too. And "there you go" and "simple as that" and a lot of others i'm sure.

5. Something I can't get easily over here, a pint of John Smiths will do nicely.

sourpus said...

1) I posted a pic on here not that long back which maybe already answered this question. But if we're not talking in the context of performance, then probably it would be when I was rocking a tassled cream suede jacket (together with Marc Bolan style naturally curly, ultra long hair) as a statement of rebellion against the designer chic of late-1980's London and, what was becoming, a distinctly drab indie ghetto of black with added black. Obviously, I looked a complete pillock.

2) My job is unusual because in order for a job to have its best and worst elements, first of all it must have elements of some kind. My current job is supposed to have these, but actually doesnt possess any. Therefore, the worst and the best thing about my job is the boredom/freedom from any elements of actual work..if that makes any sense at all!

3) Like ShariVari, I too was in a Chinese restaurant in Warsaw, trying to be polite regarding my limited knowledge of Polish, when I accidentally ordered frogs legs. Never tried them since, but the concept (if not the taste) still makes me queasy.

4) I think I ive been using the phrase 'I am trying' a little too much lately. Must remember - dont justify; just do or dont do.

5) Lately ive been partial to a Mexican bottle beer - with lime please!

(I dont post MP3's for the simple reason that Ive never taken the time to figure out how to produce them or, therefore, how to post them. Seems to me you all have much bigger collections of records than me anyhow.)

tincanman said...

What is your job eJay?

steenbeck said...

It's very interesting reading these having no idea what job most people do. Maybe we should all have to declare our occupation before answering.

1. I used to wear pajama pants. I was in high school, so this is sooo pre-kurt cobain. I wore men's pajamas folded on the bottom and safetypinned together. Punk rock. My father told me I'd be arrested, and I remember being scared when a police car passed on the way to school.

2. First of all, the worst part of my job is that I have it, and not some brilliant career. I'm going to answer about waitressing and not being a mom, which is probably my real job.
a) The way it somehow rockets you back to junior high, and there's all sorts of inter-personal drama and whining and scheming. Just depressing. It keeps me up too late at night.
b) It's social and active. On nights when you like the people you work with and the people that come to eat, you can feel quite good about humanity in general, and feel happy to be feeding them and giving them a nice night out. On other nights, however...

3. Sometimes when people who are baffled by vegetarianism try, very kindly, to make a vegetarian meal, and it's soggy overcooked vegetables doused in italian dressing, or something, it's hard to say no, but hard to swallow, too.

4. In RR or 'Spillworld -- Wow, golly, holy smoke...any time I try to express wonder or admiration. I don't talk like this in real life, I think sometimes I subconsciously talk like a kid from an American TV program of the 50s to avoid talking like an American who is slowly taking on English affectations, which I find really annoying, but which is becoming unavoidable the more time I spend talking to you lot. See - over here we would say "you lot." arrrghhh.

Also, I tend to finish sentences with ellipses... because I'm too inarticulate to find the words. And then I read Lolita, in which HH ridicules Lolita's despised mom for doing just that. I felt bad, but I still do it...

5. A nice glass of red wine. Okay, a bottle, to share with someone. I like St Emilion. But I don't know that much about it, really.

TracyK said...

1: I think the outright weirdest has to be the full nun get-up, with 'ghost' face paint, which I wore for two days running in one of the hottest London weekends back in 2001. My then-friend was a film student making her degree film about ghosts on the London underground, so I was the ghost nun at Bank station. She had to film me walking up Threadneedle Street over and over again as I couldn't stop giggling. People were staring on the Tube too. I've dressed as Princess Leia, a slut, a cowboy, the Greek goddess Artemis, Anne from the Famous Five, a Christmas Tree and, possibly most absurdly, Judge Nutmeg from the old Vic and Bob show. It was the very early 90s, I apologise.

2: Best part of teaching is the kids. They make me laugh so much, and I love it when they form a love of a poem or understand how a film is framed to manipulate the viewer or gets lost in their creative writing. I bumped into a lovely young lad's mum in the supermarket after work and was able to tell her how amazingly well he was doing in Media, how impressed I'd been with him last year and how she'd done a great job on him. He was chuffed and she almost cried. Makes the bad parts worth while really.
The bad parts are obviously all the bollocks attached to teaching, like the new 'push', PeLTS. It's all bollocks, leave us alone to fecking teach. No more constant assesment, APPs, policy meetings. No more insane parents unwilling to accept that their kids are manipulative liars either, that'd be nice. And breathe...

3: I've forced down fish in various forms so as not to offend my Japanese friends/schoolkids. I especially hate the whole tiny fish they put on rice: their mournful little faces made me so sad.

4: Clearly. And I'm a sod for ellipses too but I think they are lovely!

5: I'm seriously Jonesing for a decent cloudy pint of perry but am happy with a pint of good ale. Or an Irish Whiskey. Or a cocktail. Or a lot of dry white wine or a big glass of very sweet white wine. Um...

TatankaYotanka said...

Strangest item of clothing must have been early 70's loon pants; crotch snaggingly, skin-tight in white at the top and flaring extravagantly from the knee in black.

I'll think about the rest on the bus and if there were to be an extremely large Slivovitz or a decent Alsatian Mirabelle waiting at the other end I'd be a happy salaryman this evening.

debbym said...

1. Plastic viking helmet (with BIG plastic horns) when I'm having a Brünnhilde Day.

2a) Having to go in on Saturdays and/or evenings - babysitting costs take my earnings waaay down, and I'd rather be at home with the kids then, anyway
2b) It takes place in the dry & warm, I get to speak with grown-ups all day - many of whom turn out to be exceedingly pleasant - we have music on all the time (it's a record shop) and they pay me loads of dosh!

3. Can't think of anything off-hand. Don't always like stewed meat, but can usually get away with cutting it into really small pieces to be forced down with accompanying rice or pots & sauce

4. Please and Thank you - often use them in situations where they're not common in German. Still, helps keep everyone amused...

5. I'm with the ale drinkers here, 'specially if Adnams is on tap!

ejay said...

I was a trumpet at Abbey Rd studios, Tin.

ToffeeBoy said...

1. Back in about '86 I went to a party/disco wearing some very high-waisted cotton trousers. The accompanying short was (I seem to remember) on the flouncy side. I'm sure they were fashionable. They must have been - right?

I also got married in a white suit - someday, I'll let you see the pictures. Or possibly not.

2. Not a good time to ask this one. Work is complete shit at the moment. We Civil Servants have always put up with the crap wages because we knew that we had a job for life and the finest pension scheme known to mankind.

The next time I hear one of the senior managers using the phrase "moving forward" when they actually mean "changing everything about your job so that every last shred of potential job-satisfaction is removed", I may have to kill them. Which, I realise, is not a good career move.

Best thing is that I still get to work with the public and present talks to appreciative audiences.

3. Not much to offer here as I can usually play the old eating disorder card to get out of awkward situations. I once tried coffee and had to spit it back in the cup ...

4. Of course ...

5. Ginger beer please.

ToffeeBoy said...

1. That's shirt not short. Jeeezzzz...

saneshane said...

murder enough of them you eventually become prime minister... it's a fact.
That's a warning, or encouragement don't mind either way....

saneshane said...

1) well, I've dressed as a nun, worn dresses (better than Sourpuss IMHO!)
lived through the 80s,(my mum taught me to sew - new romantic mixed with bondage trousers anyone? as a 13YO!)2tone, goth, 90's grunge, probably crusty, would wear my grandpas suit to collage to look normal.. when I'd taken too much acid.. unfortunetly I looked like the 'STOP making Sense' concert as he was 20 stone.
and not ashamed of anything except:

A Michael Ball T-Shirt; had to crew for a gig he did.. the tosser (it's not libel if it's a fact is it?)

2) art worst = "just change that bit" like it's a fucking tone of farrow and ball .. yeah right.. like could you JUST change the CURL of your lip that someone didn't get just to my satisfaction... if it's not toooooo much trouble!

(sorry.. bad day)

art best = a smile, even in some ones eyes that says 'I like that' and you know it's not a PRODUCT but a little bit of joy.

3) I vomit in the face of Politeness (or at least on their laps) best to tell them straight.. "I will be sick"
but that can be good food as well in my case.

4) Sorry

5) tonight - everything on the dray... by the barrel, and I'll share the long face with the horse.

But I'll stick with a Grolsch followed by bison grass vodka and apple juice.

gordonimmel said...

Late to this one. Working too hard, that's my problem!

1. 6th Form, school play, 'Murder in the Cathedral' I was '2nd Tempter' and got to wear the high fashion of the time - doublet and hose I think it's called i.e. woolly tights and a very short leather jacket which barely covered my embaressment.
I did get a few compliments about the legs, mind you..

2. (a)Worst...trying to 'market' myself or whoever I'm working for. Structural Engineering is not sexy, it's technical and dull and I'm a useless lier so I can't talk bollocks.
(b)Best....driving/walking past a building and being able to say 'that's one of my buildings that is'

3. I've not yet tried anything I don't like. I occasionally have to eat something badly cooked but I can't think of anything so disgusting that I had to force it down.

4. 'Great!'. Especially with tessimmel when she's enthusiastically relating something fantasmagorical in her six-year old's world, which I find totally bemusing or underwhelming but I know that it's very exciting for her so I'm not going to be negative about it so I just say....'Great!'

5. It would usually be a white wine or a good whisky. Not at the moment tho'. I'm having a 'healthy month'. I've not touched a drop since 31st August and I note that it is just 7 days to go until 1st October.....

Blimpy said...

I'm reformed!! I no longer borrow bandwidth!!! Honest!!! (apart from in my last post, but that had a link with it....)

tincanman said...

Does borrowing bandwidth require a less than diligent neighbor?

Blimpy said...

1. Black leather mini-skirt. I was at a fancy dress party as Brian Molko. My pal Emma went as Courtney Love, and spent the night spewing in the bath - talk abut method acting!

2. The best part of my job is making something that didn't exist before.

I also love it when a plan comes together.

The worst is tolerating ignorant arseholes and their stupid opinions, because they're holding the purse strings, it can allow for something perfectly good to be ruined.

3. I sometimes wonder if I'd get bored just eating pizza and chocolate mousse.

4. "Ridiculous", "Absolutely", those two combined also. Oh, and me and the mrs now shout "plus" at each other if we say "plus" because our use of the word got totally out of hand.

5. I've been wanting red wine since about Monday, but cos I've been under the weather I've not been allowed any. Tomorrow hopefully.

5a. Remember the innocent old days when there was debate about whether any mp3s should even be posted? We now have a boxful. Funny how views change, innit?

Blimpy said...

@Tracy - how dare you call Princess Leia a slut!!! ;-)

TonNL said...

1. A kind of white Teletubbie outfit: excuse: it was for the annual carnival here in the south of Holland, everybody dresses up quite silly then....

Work: teamleader Mainframe Banking Systems at a relatively small private bank (as a subcontractor)
2 b. Best: helping people with their IT problems
2 a. Worst: the paperwork involved in 2b in these days of ITIL/CMM/outsourcing/off-shoring....

3. The cooks of that Chinese restaurant in Warsaw must have moved to Saas-Fee.... The only five-star hotel in town has a Chinese restaurant amongst its 6 restaurants, and as a lover of Chinese food I decided to give it a try.... See ShariVari's post for an exact description of the dish I've got, they couldn't even cook their rice decently! So, when in Saas-Fee, avoid 'the Mandarin'!!!

4. .....

5. A pint of Smithwick's please...

Shoegazer said...

1. All kinds of costumes in my theatre days, spent a worrying amount of time in wigs, tights & make-up as various Shakespearian characters, Samuel Pepys etc.

In my early gig going days, always used to wear a flasher stylee mac that I found at a jumble sale. Proved to be very practical in coping with beer spillage and phlegm.

2. I hate my job. The only bright side is having one to support the family & being able to ridicule all the petty, passive-agressive and disfunctional management. Must do something about doing something else.

3. Am not known for my politeness, but can eat almost anything except:

Marmalade, although this may not be a problem 40 some years on from the last taste.

Undercooked red kidney beans and scrupi (much projectile vomiting).

Eccles Cakes (not something to eat when you have glandular fever).

Mussels (once a bad one has come back out of your nose, you don't go back in a hurry).

4. Lazy use of same adjective & overuse of parenthesis (see above,(or here)).

5. Guinness is safest over here, as the domestic brew is either like making love in a canoe (Fu**ing close to water) or like a yeast infection in a bottle. If I don't have to function - bring on the whisky..

treefrogdemon said...

1 I've worn lots of strange costumes in plays and as fancy-dress, but I suppose that's not what you meant...I know, a crochet bikini. Crocheted by me. No there aren't any pictures.

2 Worst - writing up minutes. My secretary refuses to do it so I have to.
Best - having a large budget to spend, which none of my colleagues have!

3 Rice pudding. I loathe it, but after my mother died, when I used to visit my father (before he moved in with me, obv) he always made me rice pudding cos it was the only pudding he could make.

4 "I'm SO annoyed."

5 Frozen margarita, thanks. Or treble Lagavulin if I've got a cold. (But I haven't.)

I use Dropbox. Thanks, tcm!

treefrogdemon said...

3 I must have blocked this off...At my son's wedding rehearsal dinner (everything, but EVERYTHING, was being paid for by the bride's parents), which was at a Mexican restaurant, I very foolishly ordered the goat stew. Well. It was full of bones and it was some time before I realised that the bones were the unfortunate creature's vertebrae.

Luckily the restaurant served excellent frozen margaritas in very large glasses. See above.

DarceysDad said...

1. Tracy wins, for the Princess Leia as a slut outfit!

2. My paperwork problem is of my own making. I have convinced my customers that hand-written reports forms indicate that thought has gone into them. I would already have tried to get out of it, except that half the form is candidate personal information they have to write in and sign for, so I can't even type into blank spaces and print. Duh!
The best part of my job? Had a great example last month. I got a training contract for a company whose policy is never to book the same provider twice - their way of keeping their ops on their toes when it comes to retesting time. So I got this year's refreshers, but with no expectation of getting back before my 50th b'day!
They loved the week I did so much, they've persuaded the MD to relax the policy - I'm already booked for next year. So all I need now is ninety-nine more companies like that, and I've cracked it!!!

3. I am a meat eater, but have a mental block about organs: a home-made kidney & steak pie (the inversion is deliberate!) at a girlfriend's parents tested our relationship to the very limit.

4. Yeah, I'm another culprit with ... although the overuse of semi-colons is another giveaway of a DsD comment.

5. So that's several pints of bitter from different brewers, a few great bottles of red, a couple of malts and a bottle of Tequila ... have you got a tray?

Thanks everyone.

By the way -

The pic is of The Buxton Billerettes.

Van Halen's Dance The Night Away is because I was at my desk all night that night. I only got up from it once before going back upstairs at 0630hrs to get everyone up.

TracyK said...

C'mon, that Leia as a slave-girl outfit is extremely sluttish Blimpy...

Blimpy said...

But Jabba The Hutt made her wear it - Leia would never have picked that outfit herself!

TracyK said...

Pft, yeah, right.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ DsD So that's several pints of bitter from different brewers, a few great bottles of red, a couple of malts and a bottle of Tequila ... have you got a tray?

Oy! Where's my ginger beer ...

tincanman said...

and my cup of tea?

Come on Toffee, let's harumph out of here

Jabba The Hutt said...

£$%^&*(&* )"*&"£(*& >@{{}+-=-0)*&^%$89 !!!

[BabelFish Translation: Hey, I only threw her in the cell with all the garments in; she did the rest ...]

DarceysDad said...

Calm down, lads, calm down. The waitress has gone to get the, no, um, non-alcoholic drinks.

And I've already got the special vodka stashed in me bag.

tincanman said...

Can I still have a little umbrella?

TracyK said...

I want an umbrella in my pint! And some scratchings. And a Princess Leia outfit, the white combat one for preference...

tincanman said...

Little bar I used to drink in in a small town in ontario ... one night I complained that someone got a cherry with their drink - next beer I ordered came with a cherry on a swizel stick sticking out the neck. Bloddy waiter brought me cherry in my beer for the most part of that winter - I think it was the bar owner put a stop to it when he added up the cost. I was a good customer, but not that good. Thanks Gabe!

Shoegazer said...

** Sips pint, gags on soggy scratching & spits out an umbrella.**

TracyK said...

Get yer own drink, Shoey!

FP said...

Oh you lot crack me up. Bit of a tearful day for me today as my parents have gorn orf home after 3 glorious months in the Alsace, I still have brown-chitis and to top it all, the Swiss police have gorn and seized Polanski.
@ Blimpy "tolerating ignorant arseholes and their stupid opinions, because they're holding the purse strings" - so that would be the producers then ...;-)))
@ Lady S: Mentally drinking that bottle of St. Emilion with you. One of my favourites too...
@ DebbyM: Not at all sure what a Brunnhilde day is but it cracked me up.
'Ere goes....
1. Full Black Forest dirndl dress. Made for someone 2 sizes smaller than me. And I'm wasp-waisted as it is. New Year's celebrations in the Black Forest hotel where I was a chambermaid to learn Cherman. We had to dress in national costume to greet ze guests. I was just concentrating on breathing...
2. (b) I try to get through the repetitive bits with the help of deezer and your very own blog (c) putting on a posh frock and going up the red carpet in Cannes. No contest.
3.Snails. I could see why people eat frogs legs although I only ever inflicted them on myself once. But something you HAVE to drown in garlic butter and hide in a lump of bread HAS to be suspect. Dinnit?
5. Suffering from a surfeit of vampire movies. Oh my LORD - I got to see "Let the Right one in" - knocked my sox off. So mine's a bloody mary. Lots of ice in there...
6. Haven't done a playlist for a while and to tell you the truth I think my chances with PaulMac are pretty slim. All respect to him though for keeping things humming along as they are. Glimmer of hope for me this week as he included if you leave me now by Chicago and described it so beautifully. I'm having fun with Clip Joint but, as Arnie once said "I'll be beck". When I do, if deezer has got it's arse into gear then it'll be business as usual.