Sunday, September 20, 2009

love is a dog from hell

Okay.. haven't done this for a while so hope it works..

none of these are deeply personal, because all my exes love me still and as friends I never have issues with the f**king NUT NUTS that I courted...
"If I'd met you sooner, you may have met me saner"
as Beber & Tamra sound tracked my youth...
ENJOY.. if that's the right term.
no smashing plates....
There Is No Good Way To Say I'm Leaving You
Don't Love You
Don't Be Angry
Single Again
Sandpaper Kisses
We Love You
Shut Up And Let Me Go (Left/Right Remix)
In Bed With Your Best Friend
It's Winter & You Don't Love Me Anymore
Travelling On (Beber's Two Part Remix)

this isn't serious.. but we all need some DJ Format to make it all right.
Separated At Birth
You Need Satan More Than He Needs You
and the last track is for japanther (musically.. I'm not inferring you're a satan loving dark night)


saneshane said...

1 Slow Club
2 Pony Club
3 TV On The Radio
4 The Organ
5 Spearmint
6 Martina Topley-Bird
7 Frazier Chorus
8 Ting Tings
9 At Swim Two Birds
10 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
11 Beber & Tamra

12 DJ Format (Featuring Abdominal & D-Sisive)
13 Future Of The Left

if I could get on RR that would add an extra 10 A- listers for me ... no question!

Blimpy said...

hi shane, what do you make of BLK JKS?

treefrogdemon said...

Would you like me to post them for you, Shane?

Blimpy said...

they all turn out to be f-nuts, eventually, i think

Blimpy said...

that martina topley bird song is dead good

Japanther said...

cheers Shane, will load it onto the iPod for a listen at work, looking forward to it.

I can't get on RR this week either, some weeks my server (or whatever it is) just doesn't get along with the Guardian website, i'm sure all my nomination ideas would have gone by now....ah well......

ejay said...
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ejay said...

Soz, wrong post.

Japanther said...

thanks Shane, that TFOTL tune was ace; very Mclusky in style! Do you have the full album and if so is it any good?

saneshane said...

BLK JKS are ace from what I've got - my I-tunes is on the blink too - (will have to get rid of the new version - again) got the ep cos of the Tv on the Radio mentions in the blogasphere - will come back to that later Blimpy.

too late now, but thanks for the offer.. had to sleep last night.
My boy had the dreaded sickness over the weekend so.. little rest and much washing - sympathy to all
sufferers.. from us.

the martina topley bird is indeed ace...
now someone here has the one with Carnies on it.. that I never got round to buying AOTW suggestion at some point?.. for me and Blimpy to review maybe!!!

that's the only Future Of The Left track I have.. at the time they were un-signed.. so will search out to see what they got up to.

say what you like for any post - fine by me!)

cheers for listening..

saneshane said...

sorry, getting my files and info mixed up... should have been in a 4AD section in my folders, not unsigned....

here's a review of the album this is on... SOMEHOW 4ad have to be convinced to chuck in a download codes with their vinyl.. because they miss out on me randomly buying albums when i have to make more effort to listen....

"If Future of the Left's debut album, Curses, initially sounded like a retread of two-thirds of the band's work as Mclusky, it feels like a dress rehearsal for the power they unleash on Travels with Myself and Another. While there are plenty of songs that uphold the traditions of FOTL's previous incarnation and Curses -- "I Am Civil Service" and "Land of My Formers"' self-aware studies in isolation and violence are still too impassioned, too heavy to be merely acerbic, and Andy Falkous still channels irony and fury through his clipped vocals and raspy screams -- the band's jagged din sounds fuller and more muscular (if a shade less frenetic) than before. They spend just as much time expanding their music as they do underscoring its strengths: "The Hope That House Built" puts their fondness for slogans for lost causes and failed ideals to a bracing oompah beat and a layered coda; "Yin/Post-Yin"'s keyboard stabs and bouncy guitar reveal a more overtly playful side to Future of the Left than Mclusky ever showed. The band's sardonic storytelling is also at a peak, especially on "Throwing Bricks at Trains," the tale of two military officers who might be Wild West terrorists (and opens with the attention-getting line "Slight! Bowel movements!"). Everyday evil is a common theme on Travels with Myself and Another, whether it's the hilariously pragmatic Satanist of "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You" or the all-pervasive materialism of "Drink Nike," the only song from the stopgap live album Last Night I Saved Her from Vampires to make the cut here. That commitment to economy makes "Lapsed Catholics" that much more surprising and effective an end to Travels with Myself and Another: over a relatively epic four minutes, the band rails against Rupert Murdoch; praises the old-school, pitchfork-wielding Devil; and drops food for thought like "the problem with these people is that they understand their vices, not their faults" as the music moves from contemplative acoustics to blasting fury. And, on top of all that, it's also a love song. Travels with Myself and Another distinguishes Future of the Left from Mclusky without completely severing ties, and proves they're a band that can keep post-hardcore exciting with righteous anger and merciless wit."

sound good to me

Shoegazer said...

Fine picks as usual (especially "satan" which was the Shoey track pick for album of the month back in whenever it was). Faves this week were the Bever & the Martina Topless-Bird.

nilpferd said...

Had been meaning to listen in, finally had a chance this morning.. I really like the dreaminess and overlapping guitar/keyboard/bass lines of the TV on the radio track, and the lyrics of Single again are satisfyingly barbed, nice accompaniement too- some of the vocal harmonizing on that bridge of that track reminds me of Kirsty MacColl, oddly enough. The Martina T-B is great, Ting Tings remix is nicely fuzzy, DJ Format has more flavour than a bowl of fruit.

saneshane said...

think it was back in march.. is the album worth it then?
I was getting a bit of Deja vu with JPs Mclusky comment.. did he say that then to your post?

all my own rushing about fault.

cheers for popping in.

the HH 101 and 202 has got me thinking.. (I have been reading the comments, just not keeping up well)
there is interesting tangents to go off on..
I did do steenb an intro cd into some things ninja, when she first ask about it on RR.. but it was just a flavour.
I think new look at it would be cool - and your different angle would be great to hear.

I'd quite like to do an all female HH selection too... and a trip hop/ big beat influenced set.

(but there's holes in the roof that get started on early tomorrow in the project house - good news tho - cracked some cement that was covering the ground floor and discovered perfect pamments throughout.

('Norfolk Pamments are traditional ceramic floor tiles hand made from regional clays. This is as it should be as pamments (or pammets) is a regional word, though becoming increasingly known outside East Anglia. Widely used for barn, house and cottage renovations and in conservatories and patios they are also to be found in churches, pubs and sites of historic interest')
DIY up-date over.. will try and sort some stuff over the next week maybe!

nilpferd said...

Cool. We have a nice 20's Jugendstil tiled floor in our kitchen which you see in every butcher's or baker's shop in this part of town- consisting of off-white chamfered squares with a smaller square either in blue or dark red laid as infill at the intersections. When we first moved in and were renting, the landlord asked us if he should replace the tiling as parts of it were discoloured. We said no. But the thing I'm sorry about was the walls- after he'd stripped 8 layers of wallpaper off, there was 19th century newspaper still visible beneath, perfectly preserved, in inverse on top of the original first plaster coat. We dallied too long- he'd plastered over it by the time we called to say stop, why not just varnish it.

saneshane said...

the mirrored newsprint sound fantastic - I'd have been gutted not stopping him... (for some reason my brain is wired to read in reverse so i could have enjoyed the news of the time quite well)
I've had to stop doing everything to photograph sections of wallpaper as they come off - once the stress eases I'll turn it into a design project.

just grabbed a little selection of ninja to listen to.. 5 and a half hours popped into itunes.. I havent even uploaded that much of what I have... this could take a while!

Shoey said...


The FOTL album is a very fine racket. JP approved as a loyal McL fan & GF hated it, as I recall.

Know anything about Twilight Sad? They're in town next week with Rabbit & Jet Packs.

saneshane said...

Twilight Sad have a very consistently good cover designs.. great Glasgow accents, and I keep meaning to give them a proper listen..
got them doing a Smiths song and some other covers.. and a couple of their own I'll sent some to you in DB... I'd go to the gig no question just from those few.

(don't know Rabbit & Jet Packs)

have you heard the monsters of folk yet? I'm under strict instruction not to spend too much on records at the moment.. for some reason the suggestion of vinyl as roof tiles didn't go down well!

DarceysDad said...

@ Shoey & Shane

145MB of Twilight Sad on it's way into the 'Box. I'll take it out again before the MFF tomorrow.

Blimpy said...

"that summer at home i became the invisible boy" is the best place to start, it's such an amazing song.

rabbit, sad, jetpacks - sounds like an amazing night out to me.

Shoey said...

Thank you drop-box elves.

Mnemonic said...

Really enjoyed FOTL as well.

Twilight Sad are brilliant live. I'm fairly sure I put them on my very first RR Social disc. If you have sensitive ears, don't stand too close to the drum kit though. They usually end up with all three of them hammering hell out of different bits of it.

DarceysDad said...

I enjoyed lots of this, but in particular I love the At Swim Two Birds [really?!] track, shane.

saneshane said...

but I do know:
We Were Promised frightened!

and talking of Fat Cat records, has anyone dipped into:

Based in Scotland...Get curated bundles of ten tracks, for £1, knowing they give fair pay to artists...

I dip in once in a while just for a random selection, it's cool.. and the bands get paid still.

advert over..
cheers to the DB elves.. I will be purchasing extra stuff from what I just heard...ta.

I'll add 'at swim' to the package I must send you soon DsD...
they/he released a new one this month called before you left... but I can't spend money on music at the moment.. so I'll add it to my wish list!

TracyK said...

Bloody hell, I cannot stop playing At Swim Two Birds Shane, it's reminding me of someone else: is it Bright Eyes' Lover I Don't Have To Love? Anyhoo, great to hear some Spearmint and the Tings remix floated me dinghy too. Swim Two Birds again!

steenbeck said...

Some of them decided not to play, but I liked Casiotone for the Painfully alone and Sandpaper Kisses. And Frazier Chorus, which Isaac says is his favorite song. And DJ FOrmat.
Has anybody read At Swim Two Boys? Cause I have.

Mnemonic said...

Was that a typo Steen? I've read At Swim Two Birds and a lot of Flann O'Brien's shorter pieces too

steenbeck said...

No, it's a novel from the 2002, maybe. I've nver read At Swim 2 Birds, but I just looked it up and it sounds good.

saneshane said...

both books look good...

I think that track reminded me of BabyBird first off... 'lover..I don't..' is one of my fav Bright Eyes (and Blimpos if not mistaken)

the album is late night rip apart relationship material in spades.
the first track I posted (on podbean many moons ago).. was Wine Destroys The Memory, I good a title for a song is that?

I'll put it in DB and maybe make it AOTW next week for a class discussion.. if that's okay by people.

(and if liked they can go out and buy the new one!)

sorry some wont play for you..
but along with DsD.. I have a package for you that I really must post.. it will happen honest!

so Isaac will like Toffeetask 'Frazier Chorus' then.. perfect!

Shoegazer said...

Not sure that FC will make the cut in the final 3 tasks (Jojo- even money, Decemberists - 4:1, Harvey Milk - 10,000,000:1).

Bought my gig ticket for $12. Anyone else coming?

Having trouble uploading "The Third Policeman" into the dropbox.