Saturday, September 26, 2009

Drawing a Crowd

as DsD didn't get me a Grolsch.. I'll become a Lager Lout on my own......

the days of wine and roses just one of my favorite and my best tracks ever, crow barred into pole position.
Winners Lose a cover of one anti-folk to another...
Heavyweight Champion Of The World Barbryn reminded me of this with his post this week.. good timing.

Win Your Love a joyous noise
Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo silly but brilliant, I was going to do a whole BINGO list but resisted.
Windfall he gets too country for my taste some times, but lyrically some strangeness that I just enjoy.. this is a peach.
Took You Two Tears To Win My Heart over the top on many occasions - this is one of two songs from this album that fits the theme.

Hey, let's challenge... bet I win...
Grammy Winners a different version to the video posted bellow.
We Gonna Win oh yes we are
Bingo okay another bingo track.. I just wanna shout "house" .. obviously this is not house music!
Winners Take All what's it all about then?
Champion Sound don't think steen or EJD have beaten me to it..
Win Win Winwhat's it all about then too?

Donds to anyone whose suggested them on RR... can't get on again (my computer has run out of space.. it's the least of my problems at the moment) so enjoy.

and add The German top Five 'The Champ' between Jens and Cass and you get a double sided groove machine of a playlist... enjoy...( or endure the second half, some of you!)


Shoegazer said...

& the winners are **opens gold envelope** Mr McC & Funkstorung **applause**

Blimpy said...

hey, i know that band - who is it?!

Blimpy said...

Big up Duke Spirit.

Blimpy said...

grand playlist, as ever, could you dropbox your whole music library for me please?

and actually, isn;t that the way things are headed, if we keep on sharing music (the essence of RR) eventually we'll all end up with the same collection, right?

saneshane said...

I do find it more difficult now to send people stuff that we haven't mentioned or discovered already here. bandwidth would get throttled big style!