Monday, October 26, 2009

AOTW: Gene Clark - No Other

Amidst the 12,000 other nominations over on the Mothership this week, I noticed DarceysDad call Soulsavers' (excellent version of) "Some Misunderstanding" his song of the year. The original comes from Gene Clark's 1974 solo masterpiece - one of those albums that's described as an underrated or lost classic so often that it's probably now thoroughly rated and found. But a classic nonetheless.

Considering Clark was responsible for much of The Byrds at their best, it's surprising it's not better known. If you were going to classify it, you'd label it as cosmic-country-soul-gospel-rock. Probably. The songwriting is top notch (although the lyrics sometimes try a little too hard: "said she saw the sword of sorrow sunken in the sand of searching souls" may be overdoing the alliteration just slightly).

Top tracks are probably the aforemnentioned "Some Misunderstanding" (where the lyrics are at their strongest) and the epic closer "Lady of the North", where fiddles duel with wah-wah guitars.

Anyway, since no one else has claimed the slot, I humbly submit it as Album of the Week. It's in the Box, and on Spotify.


DarceysDad said...

Ooh, brilliant!

Thanks barbryn.

Comments tomorrow, I'm off to bed.

Anonymous said...

I'll listen to this when I get the chance later. I am posting from work so I can't get to Spotify.

I've got his White Light album and that one is a corker.


Shoegazer said...

On 1st listen, not really my cuppa, sorry.