Friday, October 30, 2009

a soul cake, a soul cake...

Must have had the solos creep in 'cos the first three wig out a bit... MGMT, stellastarr* and Yo La Tengo:
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
Moonrock Mambo

a remix of fiest, Gift of Gab then Adem teaches me a word that I never knew:
My Moon, My Man (Arabesque remix)
You And Moon
Luna for my Double whammy:
Moon Palace

the other 30 tracks that I really rate have to be kept for other themes!!

(I tried to guess other peoples tracks and take in the early lists from 'spill.. but I can't get into RR at all.. so sorry if they are your shouts - doing the picture my computer was screaming - 'NO VIRTUAL MEMORY' @ me)


Shoegazer said...

Wonderful pic. 'Spill more tunes!

saneshane said...

but shoey.. you said:
"not my fav 350 moon tracks!!!"

it'll take me all tomorrow night to listen to the posts already up.. and a few playlists compilers are not with us yet!

got to sleep.. ( thanks about the and the Z-boy were doing ghostie photos.. so much fun.. might get some more posted 2mo)

Shoegazer said...

That only applies to RR (according to a rule that I just made up), although DsD might get bent out of shape about 'Spill overload. Was going to ask if you wanted to do another collaboration on a HWeen theme - maybe we should wait til next year? Or there's always Krimble? Sorry about the vm, but it's only when "actual" memory goes that you need to worry.

saneshane said...

the virtual memory crashes any art work I'm working on.. so saving every few seconds.. slows my flow (MAAAAn!) and putting it politely -pisses me right off.

this is the first time tonight 'spill has let me in.. that failing would kill me.. RR I can live without (at the moment - til I up grade my normal memory)
because I'm so busy.

I was going to send you moon tracks last night but felt it would be so big a subject - just keep it short.

as for Halloween
I'm at this moment loading you my Ghost triple album - nilpferd is the only one to have got it yet.. (as a hard copy)

if it works I'll put up a track list and see if anyone else wants a copy.

(I like your rule.. it means reading a 350 long list - bit tedious - listening to the 'spill radio .. cool as a frosty white bear sitting on an iceberg listening to jazz wearing shades while actually being an international spy)

nilpferd said...

Very honoured by that shane.. the Ghost 3-pac was an awesome comp, still have it in the original white sheet packing... Will listen to your moon tracks soon, if I can persuade Mara to sleep on Halloween.. you missed Herbaliser's Moon sequence, though..

saneshane said...

no I didn't..nilpf
just really restricting my choices this week.. the 40 track short list(!) starts with moon sequence to draw you in slowly.

nilpferd said...

I thought you must have had it covered.. I did check your 'Spill post before I RR'd it.. but you're probably the only one who'd get a kick out of seeing it nommed there anyway. Hope you get your connection improved, RR needs your input.. or at least I miss having someone to bat Ninja Tunes noms back and forth..

saneshane said...

It will get sorted when we get into the new house.. but money/time is mostly being sucked into that.

after japanthers interest we do need a Ninja post done.. as you come in from a jazz angle and my interest came from a club night it would be a suitably eclectic couple of posts, I think.
(and I just don't get why more people aren't interested - some people pop up and nom the odd thing but.. then it goes quite again)

ejaydee said...

Hey, I'm interested in Ninja Tunes, but you guys are the experts, I don't always dond, but I try to listen.

nilpferd said...

Cheers Ejay.. Shane, good idea- I'll think about it for a week or so and put a playlist together. I was also surprised there weren't more NT suggestions when I first started on RR- I think the first thing I ever got A-listed by Dorian was Coldcut's Timber for Environmental songs, and I was expecting it to be long gone..

steenbeck said...

Donds for what Ejay said!!!!!!!!!!! I

saneshane said...

nilpf - I remember you nomimg Coldcut's Timber and thinking the same.. (don't think I knew about ctrlf then to check)

ejd and steen
I don't think I'm an expert - my friend Em got me into Ninja tunes - so always have her voice recommending things to me in my head, even if she hasn't got me into a particular album - we all have our gurus.

nilpferd said...

Just listened, great list- loved Moonrock Mambo and Moonshine the most, also the lyrics in You and Moon- wore out my telescope- and Moon Palace reminds me of the Go-Betweens, esp. the guitar and backing vocals.