Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Root of all Evil

God Bless the Child
High Society
Gin I were a Baron's Heir
Unwelcome Guest
Downpressor Man
My Ship Rolling In
Poor Little Rich Boy
Chapter 13 Rich Man Vs. Poor Man
Gold Watch
Mista Nigga
Red Velvet
Stick Me For My Riches
The Pjs
Breathe in Breathe Out
The $
The Mall
Gold DIgger
The World is Yours


nilpferd said...

That's a classic Billy Holiday track, I'm listening to a lot of this era at the moment.
Love the sample behind Rich man vs Poor man.. some internet searching reveals it as Archie Whitewater's Cross Country, available on Youtube.
Mista Nigga also has a nice sample.
The EPMD track is awesome, liked the Nas as well.

ejaydee said...

Loved Really, and High Society, I need to dond a lot of those on the mothership.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening Ejay and Nilpferd. Yeah I love that Common track, I have the Archie Whitewater mp3, I like it, but it's definitely one of those examples of somebody finding the best in something, and making it better.

Off to make a dond list myself...

ejaydee said...
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ejaydee said...

More new Lupe, a bit too rocky for me.
Also, I dropped some files for you.

B-Mac said...

I am listening and enjoying.

B-Mac said...

Who is "really" by, please? And the others tooplz!

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening, McFlah. Really & Respectable are Nellie McKay. As I recall Dorian was a fan.

Let's see...

Billie Holiday
Jelly Roll Morton
Jean Redpath
BIlly Bragg & Wilco
Peter Tosh
Drink Me
Regina Spektor
Lupe Fiasco
Mos Def
Wu Tang
Pete Rock
Kanye West
J Dilla
Gang Starr
Pete Rock & Cl Smooth

steenbeck said...

Oh, strange, very rock-y Lupe. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that.

looking forward to underground 90s. I'm going to put Bach solo violin sonatas in the Bach folder.

Blimpy said...

Thanks Ms Beck.