Friday, October 9, 2009


I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
All The Lazy Dykes
Gathering Dust
Just Drifting (For Caresse)

Lazy Flies
Married To A Lazy Lover
Palmcorder Yajna
Slack Time
Family of Leeches
Less Is More

Free the Marijuana
Learning To Cope With Cowardice

Left Where It Fell

Edit: In cheap ratings ploy, now contains that deleted post.


tincanman said...

What a great pic!

Shoegazer said...

Here is the post that got me in trouble with the guardian blog moderator:

Oh, it's huge. Not this week's subject matter - those icons. Quite nice to see more pictorial representions of fellow RR'ers, (if & when cleared by "authorities"). Suspect this knocks back any chances of posting here on a mobile for another 7 years, & God help anyone who doesn't have the latest & greatest tech.

How is it that IT gurus are able to focus "the right attention to the wrong details" (to misquote M.E. Smith)? Anyone else would get fired:

"I know the "requirements document" said you wanted the hole dug here mate, but we had a meeting with the interface team & decided to put it three miles away instead. Good news though, it's much bigger now".


At risk of biting the hand that feeds, what is even worse is that the Guardian IT team then go and knock themselves out self backpatting on their Inside Guardian blog - go take a peak if you have a strong stomach. Thought the Guardian still had Socialist leanings & not just for a technically equipped elite?

IT departments: misguided, inadequate or evil? Discuss. Answers on a postcard, as it might be a little difficult to post on here. If this post gets deleted, we have our answer.

Going to keep it black in protest (& for the webcorecat, who I'm sure is still missed).

saneshane said...

I kind of drifted off in a sofa surfing fug towards the end there shoey.. in a good way, mind.

very good playlist as ever
The Durutti Column hit the right notes for me today and the goats... plus many more..

like your points above... good weekend for rants.. me thinks

Makinavaja said...

Good rant. Not surprised it disappeared as the object of your (well reasoned and justified) invective had their finger hovering over the delete button anyway. I live in Madrid, as I think you know, and before finally getting broadband coverage in the area I live in, had the devil's own job accessing many sites in the UK that quite obviously were more interested in the state of the/their art than in the problems faced by those of us who wanted to get onto and use their sites. Earlier over on the mothership you mentioned that your ego was probably bigger than my house. Your probably right - I live in the typical shoebox (no pun intended) apartment that passes for reasonable accommodation over here. How I wish you had made that comment many years ago! Click here if you would like to see the original Maki Towers. We lived in a tiny apartment over the front entrance for the first eighteen months of my existence, after my Dad had started work on the Northern Echo in Darlington.

Shoey said...

Nice spread, Maki - but still may need some more room for my ego.

steenbeck said...

Nice list, as usual, Shoegazer. I like best Inkspots, Morrissey, of course, Lazy and Slack Time. Who sings those two?

Shoey said...

Lazy is Low, that I nicked from DsD as he couldn't be bothered to pick an artist. Slack Time is a Cud, that is also a pretty lazy band name come to think of it. Thanks for listening - didn't get much listening time in myself as usual -these 6 day work weeks don't give much time to jam everthing in.

DarceysDad said...

Shoey, we're cool. I don't consider Low's version of Lazy "nicked" from me!

And I'm not ignoring your request for Mark Kozelek's version, but I only seem to be able to find it on a home-taped compilation cassette of unknown origin ... might take me a while to get a lazy combination of 1s&0s to you.

saneshane said...

Have you or DsD got Tiny cities?
Sun Kil Moon do Modest Mouse songs... any good?

Shoey said...

Nope, but that sounds interesting?

DarceysDad said...

Kozelek's take on Ocean Breathes Salty is a thing of delicate beauty. Possibly my very favourite tune he sings on.

11 songs, 42MB, on its way to the 'Box.

saneshane said...

Thanks DsD

listening now... lovely stuff, will keep me entertained while working.

Well Wishes for the op - look after yourself ok.

Shoey said...

What op? Is this related to the foot misadventure?