Friday, October 30, 2009

Blue Moon (or how trying to find an amusing picture of workman's bottom on the internet can prove to be difficult & disturbing)

Moon is on Ice
Must be the Moon (Emperor Machine Mix)
Major Malfunction
The Lowest Point of the Moon
Silver Moons

Rok it to the Moon
See You On the Moon
Black Moon
By the Light of the Moon
Moon Witch Cartridge
Waiting for the Moon
The Honeymoon Killers
Man on the Moon


shane said...

.. don't go looking for Tobias' arse when painted like the Blue Man Group in 'Arrested Development' either.

back later for tuneage.

Makinavaja said...

Rok It To The Moon! The memories. In bed with Russian 'flu (spring of 78) my mum did the unthinkable and got me the Stranglers' 7" of Five Minutesto cheer me up! Remember playing it to death (A and B-side) and no doubt making her regret having been so kind to her poor ill son. Speaking of the Stranglers and the Moon - apparently "Dutch Moon" from Norfolk Coast was the first song Baz Warne offered to the band for their appraisal when he joined. Thanks for reminding me of the 'flu just as I seem to be coming down with the new variety!!

goneforeign said...

When I was in the RAF the bloke in the next bed played sax in the station band, he told me there was a spare alto in the bandroom and if I'd like he'd teach me the basics, so we did it every Sunday afternoon.
The one tune I learned to play was 'Blue Moon', it has about 3 notes as I remember. There were always jam sessions on Sundays so when they played that one I was able to join in.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - a fellow Arrested Development fan! Why was that show cancelled? Genius from start to (not) finish ...

Shoegazer said...

Maki - Have a similar story of my Dad getting Black & White for me on the 1st day of release to get the free white vinyl ep. It was a complete surprise - think he must have heard me listening to a preview/interview on the radio the weekend before. Memories indeed. Good luck shaking off the bug.

GF Check out the Cowboy Junkie version, if you don't already know it. Know that DsD & Toffee will back me up on this one. No sax, just voice & guitar.

Makinavaja said...

Thanks Shoey - promise not to sneeze in your general direction!

Shoegazer said...

Don't need an Achooey Shoey, tyvm.

Makinavaja said...

Or a Fluey Shoey!