Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing With Yourself

OK, so it is time for those intrepid spankers of the plank here, the pharoahs of the fretboard, the wizards of the widdle and the cosmic noodlers.

Yes 'Spillers, it is GUITAR HERO time and none of these guys need a tiny plastic copy of a strat and a Playstation.

These are all the real deal.

I don't think that there are going to be many unknowns here but if people feel the need to list out who is playing each track, feel free.

For completists only valuable 'Spill points if you can name their axe of choice, what strings they use and their inside leg measurement.

Heaven Knows

Split Part 2

Firth Of Fifth

Playing In The Band

Yours Is No Disgrace


Still In Love With You

Cinnamon Girl

Third Stone From The Sun

Moonage Daydream


bethnoir said...

Enjoyed much of that list, Carole, I think the artists are Robert Plant, oh how lovely he is, was there a solo? Sorry I was imagining him singing it and forgot to listen, Groundhogs, Genesis (had to skip that I'm allergic to them), The Gratetful Dead, Yes (see Genesis), don't know, Thin Lizzy, Neil Young, of course the inimitable Hendrix and the more delightful Bowie. He always had a good ear for a talented axeman and I loved Mick Ronson, especially in the glittery pedal pushers. I think I shall nominate 'Width of a Circle' on the mothership before I forget. :-)

bethnoir said...

oh, I think Mick Ronson played a Gibson Les Paul and Gary Moore might have done too, but that's as technical as I get. I'm sure others could be more specific. I know David Gilmour loves his Fender Stratocaster, no-one else can make it sing like him, but he's not on your playlist so, I'll stop showing my ignorance now!

nilpferd said...

These will all be unknown to me, I'm basically a complete ignoramus beyond Stairway to heaven. Will give it a whirl tomorrow, at the moment my head is too full with the delicate sounds of the Oud...

nilpferd said...

Just listening now.. Heaven knows reminds me a bit of Talk Talk or Aha's Living Daylights.. I actually know Third stone from the sun, Weather Report covered it.. or at least Jaco did.. OTT, but fun in a goofy kinda way.. but Jimi is better, obviously..

I really liked Split part 2, that would definitely be my standout track next to the Hendrix, nice building solo, and love the effects.

I did once have some older Genesis albums, but Firth of Fifth is a bit plinky for my tastes, and Grateful Dead is just -um- too organic for me (only joking Chris)

Neil Young is fine, I even used to have a Neil Young album.

Good list, thanks for posting. I feel like I actually learned something.

Chris said...

Too organic? For a hippo??

Shoegazer said...

Lot's of classics here, so can overlook my own Genesis allergy (as long as Phil Collins sticks to the drums).

Shoegazer said...

& also figured out how to file my Bowie under B in iTunes, instead of D for David, without changing the names around. Sorting out the rest will keep me out of trouble for a while - so thanks for that too.

CaroleBristol said...

So, no one knows who the sixth track is then?