Friday, October 9, 2009

For some, October is the cruellest month.

October Song Incredible String Band

I'll sing you this October song,
Oh, there is no song before it.
The words and tune are none of my own,
For my joys and sorrows bore it.

Beside the sea
The brambly briars in the still of evening,
Birds fly out behind the sun,
And with them I'll leaving.

October U2 (two minutes tenty one seconds of ... the other U2)

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on


October Song Amy Winehouse

Today my bird flew away
Gone to find her big blue jay
Starlight before she took flight
I sung a lullaby of bird land everynight
Sung for my Ava everynight



nilpferd said...

Can we squeeze Septembers in? I know lots of September songs, bugger all October ones, except the U2.

Shoey said...

Bloody Spotify

BloodyParadise said...

ah yes - the SLOTH syndrome : Spotify's Lazy Organiser of Top Hits.

I thought it was brilliant when I first beached up here, on this god-forsaken isle - then realised everyone else on RR probably used it (we're only a couple of years behind the times here in SW France) - then simply switched back to my own vinyl/tape/cd collection with 'Lyric Search' to provide what the memory/album notes couldn't.

[Mon Dieu! If this isn't the month for explications! En plus I've a meeting with the local Head of Taxes tomorrow.]

So I have devised a game within The Game (somewhat as I have done with my life) where winning and losing has rather been side-lined in favour of something else. I tend to decide what that is, as I go along!

Shoey said...

Not available over here, unless I do a lot of beggering around to hide my IP - hence the comment.