Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not exactly Carole's AOTW but an album worth revisiting

It is in the Dropbox;

and hopefully people will be able to get to it. Not sure what happened with the Can one.

Anyway, it is the first album by Ronnie Montrose's eponymous band, Montrose, featuring Sammy Hagar on vocals.

I remember when it first came out, back in 1973. I was out on a Saturday afternoon with my friend and her brother and he bought this album in a record shop in Wells St in Hackney.

We went back to my friend's house and played it through.

The verdict was something like "pretty good but they've nicked loads of bits from other people".

Anyway, it was a grower and both Bad Motor Scooter and Space Station #5 soon became regular hits in the London Hospital Tavern, a pub we used to all meet up in and generally do what teenagers everywhere do (so I won't be going into the details, because I expect everyone here has done those things, well most of them).

Rock the nation

Bad motor scooter

Space station #5

Don't want it

Good rocking tonight

Rock candy

One thing on my mind

Make it last


Tim (Kalyr) said...

That was a great album - whatever happened to Ronnie Montrose? He did a couple of albums with Gamma in the early 80s, then faded out of sight.

DarceysDad said...

Damn! Just lost a long agreement comment about this album, when my internet connection went down.

If it didn't make it through the ether before severance, the highlight was that Make It Last is a DsD fave of almost 30years standing, and a pretty good credo to live your life by too.


BloodyParadise said...

No, please - do go into some of those details.

Abahachi said...

If only Hagar had stayed with them...

gremlinfc said...

Nice album cover...

CaroleBristol said...
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CaroleBristol said...

I've edited to include the album as a playlist.

I finally worked out how to do it, it is easy when you know how!

Anyway, for the edification of BloodyParadise, teenage indiscretions;

1) Underage drinking.

2) Thinking that you are more sophisticated than you really are.

3) Outrageous exhibitionism, possibly as a result of 1) above.

4) Recreational chemistry, which may also lead to 3) above.

5) Inappropriate behaviour with people you fancy to the point of lunacy.

6) Wearing the kind of clothes that provokes you Mum to say "you're NOT going out dressed like that, young lady"

Chris said...

I looked in Dropbox for this, Carole, and couldn't see it. I suspect that's because you've put it in your Public folder, which doesn't actually seem to make it public (computers, eh? stoopid!) If you create a folder in the RR dropbox and upload the tracks to that, I think everyone else will be able to see them.
Anyway, I can listen to them from here, can't I? So I will. Feedback later...

Anonymous said...

If you put them in your public folder, you have to create a playlist with them to make them accessible. It's supposed to be really easy but I keep procrastinating myself with that one.

CaroleBristol said...

I can't actually see the RRfolder from my Dropbox, Chris.

Chris said...

Carole, when I joined the tinmeister invited me to share (I think that's the terminology) the RR dropbox and it now appears with a Photos and a Public folder when I log in. I don't seem to be able to invite anyone else to share the RR dropbox, so maybe tin has to do it(email:

But your name is listed as a shared folder member on the RR dropbox, so it's a bit confusing. You're not using a different email/log-on are you?

Chris said...

I've just listened to most of this, Carole, and it sounds more than a little dated to me (who, of course, likes music of an greater vintage!). I've never been a fan of that distorted guitar sound and there is rather a lot of it. But I did like the non-rock bits of Space Station #5.
I guess you had to be there...