Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Lunacy I tell you, the Moon is driving us crazy!

The Moon has held a strange fascination over our imaginations ever since our hominid ancestors first looked up and gazed upon our closest companion.

The Moon has been seen as the abode of strange beings, the cause of Madness (hence Lunacy), the power that triggers Lycanthropy and many other things too.

Musically, Moon has traditionally been rhymed with June, but that hasn't stopped musicians using the imagery of the Moon for their own ends.

Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

Kristin Hersh - White Trash Moon

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Bert Jansch - Crimson Moon

Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight

Television - Marquee Moon

Camel - Lunar Sea

Siouxsie - Sea of Tranquility

The Grateful Dead - Picasso Moon

The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile


Shoegazer said...

Wot, no Keane - Night Sky?

CaroleBristol said...


AliMunday said...

More great music, Carole. I love Lunar Sea - wish I'd thought of it!

ToffeeBoy said...

Likewise - I'd thought of the Genesis, Thin Lizzy and Television tracks but for some reason Camel hadn't sprung to mind. Lovely to hear it - hadn't done so for (?? twenty years!

saneshane said...

Kristin was great to hear again.. try not to stare at underwear, indeed...
(wondered if Camera Obscuras 'Lunar Sea' was a cover - it's not)