Saturday, October 31, 2009

Au Clair de La Lune...

There's a French nursery rhyme called Au Clair de La Lune, but I can't remember the second line, it's right there on the tip of my tongue, anybody know it?
I realise there are a lot of songs here, feel free to use the ▶▏ button.

There's A Moon Out Tonight - The Capris
The Killing Moon (Up All Night Mix) - Echo & The Bunnymen
Trip II The Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax) - Acen


Anonymous said...

Mon ami Pierrot

ejaydee said...

Yes! Thank you Anon
Prete-moi ta plumeeuh, pour ecrire un mot

gremlinfc said...

Ma chandelle est morte
Je n'ai plus de feu

treefrogdemon said...

Ouvre-moi ta porte
Pour l'amour de Dieu!

treefrogdemon said...

...Trick or treat!

cauliflower said...

Je suis désolé

Je n'ai pas de plume,
Je suis dans mon lit...

gremlinfc said...

The one thing I hate about this whole day is the way that "Trick or treat" has become part of it over here...we can't even have our own semi-pagan festival without americanism creeping indeed. That's no slight on you TFD in the slightest(pardon the non-pun)but as a 'lapsed pagan' it is most irritating. Bit like Xmas / Winter Solstice s'pose.

treefrogdemon said...

Sorry, gremlin - just a joke. In fact the 'guising' tradition in Scotland and Ireland long predates the US itself, let alone trick-or-treating.

steenbeck said...

What an amazing list! Particularly love Betty Carter (what a voice!!) Arthur Russell (keep forgetting to dond that one) Tachiko Hatouyama (beautiful!) CHuck Berry (nicely understated) Walking on the Moon and Os Mutantes.

goneforeign said...

There's something I've missed out on living out here, speaking of 'Walking on the Moon', why does everybody hate Sting?

ejaydee said...

GF: I think it culminated with his use of the luth. It's rare for me to hate an artist, I tend to just turn it off before it gets to that point. He's just part of that group with Bono from U2, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Johnny Borrell from Razorlight, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, etc. They tend to be frontmen who have been very succesful at some point and therefore gained a lot of exposure, a backlash is bound to follow.

nilpferd said...

Liked Lunar Funk the best here.
Clair de Lune reminded me I have a version by Elbtonal Percussion, but it isn't very memorable.

I think with Sting and Bono they've just reached the point where their public utterances strike most people as insufferably pompous and self-righteous, it's not really about the music. Somehow neither has the trick of being in the public eye, while retaining popularity.

saneshane said...

Has this list changed?

thought there was another My moon... mix yesterday.

got to be a Pininfarina concept car in the picture.

enjoying the listen.. but not going to get everyones songs finished before bed!

ejaydee said...

There was the Boys Noize Mix, but it sounded a lot liuke your Arabesque mix, and my list was already too long so I took a few out. Hope you enjoy.

saneshane said...

back having a listen.. when was Acen? (sounds like early Prodigy)

Love Cat Powers voice but never listen to whole albums for some reason.

liked the backing on sam cookes version best.

eclectic central selection,
Labelle caught me by suprise.. hammond wig out and all.

Funkyness near the end is cool..

thoughally enjoyable.. ta very much.

BloodyParadox said...

re sting
pop and popularity and the popular press - all achieve an exhaustion factor. But that mainly takes place in us. The music that Sting makes [particularly with the jazz combos he put together] are neither poor lyrically nor musically.
We'll need to step back from the publicity and the pontifications and find some space for a good writer and a great musical mixer.

I 'fall back' on his CDs from time to time when we are hard pressed in the kitchen, and the clientele are from all over. He never fails to impress: here some rich arrangements, there some barbed personal jabs, elsewhere just good danceable vibes.
'If you haven't got the swing - it don't mean a thing.' He got it.

ejaydee said...

Shane, No idea about Acen, I got it in a samples collection, though discogs tells me it's from 1992.

Z j A k said...


Au clair de la lune
Pierrot répondit
je n'ai pas de plume
je suis dans mon lit
va chez la voisine
je crois qu'elle y est
car dans sa cuisine
on bat le briquet


Au clair de la lune
trois petits lapins
qui mangeaient des prunes
comme trois p'tits coquins
la pipe à la bouche
le verre à la main
en disant mesdames
versez-nous du vin