Sunday, October 18, 2009

slap dash for no cash

Andrew Jackson Jihad starts us off with a wealth of hope and advice, truthfully letting us know he’s ripped off Woody Guthrie.. although ‘I gave my money to the bank to look after it’ could be regrettable.

Kotchy kicks arse with track two – (Jimi Tenor meets Junior Boys via some Prince) and it’s not braggard cash, just a sweet spot.

Bran Van 3000 party up our Sunday night,
I wanna take off all my clothes too..
(anyone who has met me .. don’t have nightmares)
Scratchin’ - brass – human beatbox – sexy singing
now get F**kin’ loaded!

Camille hits the spot with this 12”
(in my top three tracks of ‘08)
is it a piss take of Witney and Maria?
Preferred the Le Fil album, but this is cool and Clever - I like that.. lots.

Survival Song
One For The Money
Money Note

Saul Williams could supply a few tracks here.. most notably penny for a thought – but this rolls along with a powerful vibe… questioning… love him as ever.

London Posse take a bit of time to warm up properly, but then the flow hits its stride and old school comes home… blaggar with daggar – genius.
And then to drop in Diction as a rhyme – pure JOY

Scared Money
Money Mad

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds knock out beauty more often than you could say EASY money.

Space do some root of all evil samples – I like it, what more is there to say? – don’t think critics do – but then who listens to them.
Fits the theme.

Jens Lekman does his thing – out to have fun with a pocket full of money – let’s mug him.
(I read somewhere that this rips off some old track indecently. As I don’t know it, I don’t care – as someone who loves doing collages with artwork – what can I say, less than 30per cent stolen ((that might not stand up legally)), then it becomes yours – life is tough let others do the hard work)

OnTheFly (With Lone Pigeon And MC Quake) A JOY JOY JOY

Easy Money
Pocketful Of Money
That LP Harmony


Shoey said...

Wot, no love for the Shane list yet? Looks like another good un - a weath of Shane faves. Won't get to listen til later as stupid work is in the way. Great pic too btw.

saneshane said...

thanks for looking in shoey..
don't think it'll be a universally liked list.. as my sons says 'bit shouty'

I'm quite possibly a billionaire with those Zim Dollars.. sadly they wouldn't buy a loaf of bread now.

enjoy when you get a chance.

B-Mac said...

i saw lone pigeon about a month ago, at the car boot sale. havent heard this before. nice.

Blimpy said...

The recession hasnt been all bad, I got a copy of the most recent mogwai album for £1.99 at the store formerly known as Virgin Mega today.

tincanman said...

Really enjoyed the Camille and the Nick Cave. cheers

ejay said...

Saw this and thought of you SHane

steenbeck said...

Nice list, as ever, Shane.

I liked Saul Williams, of course and London Posse was great, too. Do you have pictures of your house we could see?

saneshane said...


can you see some pictures here?:

saneshane said...


I had a go at that xtranormal when they were testing it... after I did the spill monster animations.

it's so easy.. it's untrue.

Me and blimpy took over some rap battle in a youtube comments section.. it was funny.
I just cut and pasted Bmac vrs MCSane and picked some voices and characters and it did all the work in 20 minutes or something.. madness.

very enjoyable stuff though.

steenbeck said...

Lovely pictures, Shane. Looks well-worth all the effort. Who is that in the dust mask?

Beautiful beautiful, though, the whole thing. Are you living there yet? When we bought this house, David quit his job and worked on it 3 months to make it liveable, and 7 years later, I'm not sure it is yet. (1850)

saneshane said...

that's me steen.. half way through taking down a reed ceiling.
(found rotting beams - the dust stopped me breathing very well for two nights - and coughed up blood after - not nice)

We're not in - the roof has been re-built and I dug down loads to work out the idiot damp!)

I can't stop work, but luckily flexible, 5am til 10 one job.. then house for a bit, then pick Z-boy up from school and look after him and see what we can do on the place.. then design work when Ru gets home!
..there is no part of me that doesn't hurt.