Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tinny Mix-Tapes

It seems from recent posts, that a certain Tincanman is getting impatient for this year's festive 'Spilltivities. Perhaps by dedicating this short playlist to our own master of the box, we can get some peace - at least until after Halloween:
Walk Tall
Half the Man I Used To Be
Short Bursts
Tiny Craters in the Sand
Tiny Vessels
Little White Man
Tiny Steps
Little Stereo
Long Tall Shorty
Tiny Tears
Short Fat Fannie


tincanman said...

Did ya notice ho much taller he is than Dorothy? Did ya? Did ya? huh

thanks for the tunes Shoey, I shall listen with my tin ear after I get the kids off to school and my chores done.

tincanman said...

Nice tunes Shoey.

I was surprised by Little Steps 'cause I usually find Elvis too whiny to listen to.

Stackwaddy and teddybears were my faves (well, I should stress I already had the Tindersticks in rotation).

Exodus said...

Whih one's the Stackwaddy? I know one of their ex-members.

tincanman said...

long tall shorty

Abahachi said...

The box? The one Sarkozy was standing on, or what?

Shoegazer said...

Meant drop-box, but perhaps it can also be used for heightening?

FP said...

Enjoyed the chunes, Shoey!!

Shoegazer said...

Cheers, Eff Pea.