Saturday, October 10, 2009

Songs for a Lazy Day

Did you know that Sloths sleep up to 16 hours a day?

Louis Armstrong - Gone Fishin - Decca Years Version
That Lucky Old Sun Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day, Single Version
Lil Green - Why Don't You Do RIght
Cab Calloway - Jes Natchully Lazy
Booker T. & the MGs - SUmmer Time
M Ward - Lazy Days
Soul Coughing - Lazybones
Beirut - Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane
Moldy Peaches - Lazy Confessions
Moldy Peaches - Jorge Regula
Yo La Tengo - Everyday
Yo La Tengo - Saturday
Common Ft. Last Poets & Kanye West - The Corner
COmmon - Nuthin To Do
Common Book of Life
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Ghettos of the Mind
Talib Kweli - Get By
Lupe Fiasco - Dumb it Down
Dead Prez - Happiness
Public Enemy - Cold Lampin


ToffeeBoy said...

I am SO coming back as a sloth ...

gremlinfc said...

Soul Coughing is a much-under-appreciated band like to see them getting some dues...

lazy line painter shane said...

Hey steen
just started listening
but I guessed:
beirut/ Moldy Peaches/ M ward/ belle and seb (so took them out of my playlist)

I also looked for some
YO LA TENGO and came up with 3 different ones to you...

(Exodus did ask for a heads up on them, I think? thought we should help out so will get round to posting soon)

looking forward to the rest.

Catcher said...

16? Quitters.

saneshane said...

enjoying the scratchin on 'nuthin..' all the Common actually....

16 hrs sleep.. as catchers say, just not trying those sloths...
but you - only 21 tracks... slacker!

great list.. I'm off for a rubbish few hours rest... coming back as a sloths in the next life.