Friday, October 30, 2009

O say can you see? Oh wait, that's the other guys

Moonrise on the Ottawa River, late summer about 60 miles northwest of Ottawa

No point using my words to say what these songs say much gooder eh. This week's topic has made me nostalgic for late autumn - early winter in middle Canada, where I grew up. (You will see on TV during this winter's Olympics that the city of Vancouver has the same climate as mid-England. Luckily there are mountains nearby for winter sport). In most of Canada, winter is 9 months of icy 16-hour nights. By January it's not so romantic anymore and a little nightlight from above is much appreciated.

Gordon Lightfoot - Song For A Winter's Night
Ann Mortifee - The Moonlight
Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home
k.d. lang - Helpless (Neil Young cover)
Neil Young - Harvest Moon (unplugged)
Ian Tyson - Night Rider's Lament
Roy Forbes w Connie Kaldor - Saskatoon Moon
Stephen Fearing - Goodnight moon


tincanman said...

The majority of Canadians live at a lower altitude than London, but Great Britain has that Gulf Stream thing. For mid-Canadian weather, think Moscow. Then go make yourself a hot drink.

steenbeck said...

Oh boy! Tincanman made a 'Spill list! Very excited about listening, but it might be tomorrow because I've got to make dinner and then the mad rush to bedtime begins. And it's HALLOWEEN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

AliMunday said...

Great music, Tincanman. I've been home all week and can't help thinking how lucky I am to live near so many beautiful trees. Even the back garden is fabulous. Young Munday looked out of the window this morning and said "Mum, we're rich with golden leaves".

goneforeign said...

Nice list, better yet, a great list!

goneforeign said...

Your comments re. the winter weather up there remind me of a tale my old man told me. In the late 20's the government came up with a plan to give free passage to Canada for unemployed young men, he took it. After a ship and long train journey he wound up in Calgary, they put him to work in a lumber mill. He worked there a year and couldn't stand the cold anymore so he and a bunch of mates returned [at their own expense of course] On the ship back his money belt with everything he'd earned was stolen, he landed in Southampton pennyless, same as when he left!

Shoegazer said...

What is the last secret hidden track - all the listed artists doing a group jam of O Canada? Only one way to find out.

tincanman said...

secret track might be Joni Mitchell's Urge For Going, which I decided at the last minute the Stephen fearing was a fitting end and the second Joni just didn't quite fit anywhere so i deleted it. although perhaps not fully.

steenbeck said...

Nice list for a rainy day.

I especially liked Neil Young, Ian Tyson and Stephen Fearing.

DaddyPig said...

I'd forgotten how gorgeous that Neil Young song is, and Saskatoon Moon is pretty good too. Donds to AliM for the autumn colours in the Holme Valley, I was at the in-laws this week.

Our latitude /Gulf Stream thing here gives us the seemingly nonsensical saying "It's too cold to snow". Because of the warmth coming from the seas around us, clouds keep the warmth in and cloudy winter nights are usually mild - therefore too warm to snow. Cold nights are usually clear, so no snow then either. It sort of makes sense, but I'm sending myself to sleep now.

Lovely colours even in Leeds, especially my journey to work on the train past Kirkstall Abbey and along the Aire valley.

saneshane said...

Have you got Cowboy Junkies version of 'Helpless'? that's cool too.

tincanman said...

no shane i haven't. and wouldn't mind it either kiss kiss

saneshane said...

lesser spotted Cowboy Junkies covers going into your box as we type.. XXX

tincanman said...


saneshane said...

there's errors
(will have to delete some stuff I think to fit them in)

will sort it as soon as poss.. (should really say 'Over the limit!)

tincanman said...

sorted (again)
But whenever its convenient