Monday, October 19, 2009

Over hill over dale, Spill music is never stale

Oregon and England have one very thing in common. And it's not the forests of towering pines. It's the rain. And more rain, with more rain forecast.
The Oregon Guardian (OK, they call it the Oregonian) has an online Song of the Day feature which is often interesting. Sunday featured a gem called In the City in the Rain by The 6ths (a side project of Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt), with nice vocals by Lou Barlow. Coulda shoulda been an English song.

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steenbeck said...

Tincanman - love the song. Thanks. Really really lovely, a gem indeed.

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goneforeign said...

Your timing's perfect, it's raining here, first we've had since about March. I like rain, in Jamaica it seems like they get a downpour every day about 5pm, I'd like to arrange that for here but I'd shuffle the time a bit and see if we could get it at about midnight. A tropical climate, 90-100 degree days plus regular rain is fabulous, I've seen telegraph poles take root and sprout.