Friday, October 16, 2009

It's All Mine

The Man Who Sold The World
Wealthy Man
Good Fortune
Treasure Hunt

Human Nature
Health & Knowledge & Wealth & Power
The Richest Man In Babylon
Capital (It Fails Us Now)


saneshane said...

picked up Gary Clails 'who pays the piper' (on non scratched vinyl!) in oxfam... must give it a spin..
always love the accents in Human nature that pop up.. a joy.

enjoyed Todd Snider once I gave it some time..

think we are the wrong audience for the joys of cash. ho hum...

good variety.. ta very much for sharing.

saneshane said...

sometimes I just pick up a word and run with it...


back at some point with a list..

it'll be a joy.

Shoey said...

Glad you enJOYed, Shane

nilpferd said...

Particularly enJOYed Human Nature and Ugly..

there's more to wealth than cash though shane.. not that I can exploit this knowledge to come up with this week's killer track, mind..

saneshane said...

I hadn't even taken in the wealth bit nilpf just this when I scanned it this morning:

"I know songs about money has been done already, but that list seemed generally skewed towards the broke side of things and, anyway, it was three years ago. I want opulence, fat pockets and all of that, though they needn't be detailed in a positive light".

so the joyous song for this theme has to be Andrew Jackson Jihad 'Survival Song' when I find it, I'll put it in a post.. the words are perfect.. hope no-one has suggested it yet!

nilpferd said...

Yep, have to admit I didn't find that theme summary very inspiring either.. still, since when have we let the guru's definition hem us in.. think you're still ok with AJJ, haven't spotted that yet..

Japanther said...

loved the Howling Bells tune and Human Nature brought back fond memories of huddling around the tape player in my mates bedroom poorly attempting to imitate the booming voice and precise intonation...

Shoey said...

Nilp & JP, Glad you could JOYn us.