Sunday, October 25, 2009

EOTWQ: Who Dat? Live at Leeds

Welcome to a special early edition of End of the Week Questions, recorded at the RR Northern Social in Leeds Saturday night. Feel free to post your answers to any of the questions posed, make clever remarks or just engage in general merriment.
(iPod version here)


tincanman said...

Oh and someone asked about the process for doing the album or questions of the week. Seems to have evolved into of a first-come thing, and people who have a burning desire ask in the comments for first dibs on the following week. Seems to work.

Abahachi said...

But it's not the end of the week... Have you people no respect for tradition?

saneshane said...

is Sunday the END of the week?

1 (waste of time gig)- Emiliana Torrini I felt it was bland and half arsed... was so looking forward to it.. so was bound to disappoint.
Ms. said I was a grump and enjoyed herself (so I stropped even more)

2 I'm stuck on predictive txt on work phone.. and f**kin h8 it.

3 I loved my beard but the ms. dislikes them with a passion.. and I love her (and kisses) - so no beard.

4 any I get when I remember to shave... but my boy has taken a large interest in gun play since he started school.. so I've had to subvert that -- his pretend weapons have to shoot hugs and kisses - it's fun that he's taken that on. so those kisses are best.(as long as he doesn't get teased at school- it's a minefield.. arrggg)

5 the garden of my new house.. (the house is still causing nightmares)

6 'B.a.T.Y - For when you are very bored game'
a game I designed when I first left collage to go with a cartoon called 'Beauty and the Yeast' we had time on our hands back then.. prototype lost many moves ago.. but it was fun!

7 orange is my fav colour

tincanman said...

Good point Abahachi - I meant to include in the introduction an explanation that word of the existence of the video has got out and people (ok, person) are champing at the bit to see it.

gremlinfc said...

will you be posting the team picture?

Makinavaja said...

Wish I'd been there! Will get back with answers

nilpferd said...

1. waste of time concert.. Kenny Garrett quartet.. despite what I said about the guy on RR.. I think his band cancelled just before the tour, he turned up with some really lousy guys and just seemed generally pissed off.. only jazz concert I've ever been to when no-one wanted an encore.
2. use predictive texting.. yes, only because I haven't figured out to turn the bloody thing off.. I txt about once a month, normally to tell Sandra to buy milk and only if she hasn't heard her phone ringing. Suppose I could just type "MLK" and be done with it, but I might get picked up by the ECHELON people for suspiciously righteous behaviour.
3. Beard bad. Itchy. Stubble good. Lazy.
4. Best kiss.. Mara does a thing where she says, oh my dear papa come and let me give you a big kiss.. then she playacts spewing down my shirt. It cracks me up.
5. Fav place.. West coast, NZ.
6. Board game.. quite like the black pirate, you blow ships across the board with a squeezey blower and collect gold. Game last played- I have to play Monopoly with Mara. I hate it so much, I've decided to beat her mercilessly so she doesn't want to play it any more. The problem is, I can't.
7. Fav colour- Green. Eyes, Rainforests, money, etc.

Looked like fun. I raised a metaphorical glass to y'all last night.

shane said...

when I said last night "where is the Leeds live link up" I was joking.
didn't know the footage had been shot.

Ace jeans DsD ( how happy is are you today? will watch MOTD2 even though it'll be crap for my unidond team)

gremlinfc said...

If you aren't could you email me a copy please ta

Makinavaja said...
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Makinavaja said...

1. Lennie Kravitz at the Rock in Rio series of concerts in Madrid last year. Fortunately "support" act Robert Zimmerman made up for it!
2.Hardly ever text and predictive gets in the way cos sometimes it's Spanish sometimes it's English, so not a fan.
3. Beards - no. Had a great droopy Mexican style 'tash while at Uni, though.
4. Best kiss: First one with Mrs. Maki at a theme park here in Madrid - nipped round the back of the dodgems. Butterflies, trembling knees, the lot!
5. The North Yorks Moors.
6. Scrabble.
7. Fave colour - Red. Footie team and politics!

TatankaYotanka said...

Enjoyed the dispatches from the R.R. Boardroom and will address the questions in due course. Mighty impressed with DsD's customised pants tho'. Neat trick to have 'Rich's Rear' appliquéd onto them, saves such a lot of time in the mornings. I used to have 'left' and 'right' on my socks, 'til I realised it didn't matter which way the flies on my feet faced.

TatankaYotanka said...

Favourite hairy biker chef? Grommit; does a mean poached pear and Wensleydale salad.

TracyK said...

I've just watched this with my mum and she's horrified by my filthy laugh, so sorry for that. Shane, the stripy tights were in honour of your 'monster' idea. How strange thinking that this was just last night.

goneforeign said...

Which one was TracyK, I was looking forward to seeing her? Was she Jack Daniells?
Tincan sounds as good as he looks.
Not clear on the questions, but here goes.

Beards: In '64 as a student I had an awful right wing, conservative instructor in one of my classes, always stating his politics, VietNam was raging so I chose to defy him by not shaving, a beard evolved, it's still there.

Kisses; I was in the RAF near Cheltenham, early 50's, one Saturday night we went to a dance and I met a girl, a nurse she said, I took her home and we stopped in a shaded spot and kissed, I believe it was called snogging in those days, she had the most amazing texture to her flesh, her mouth and her breasts, I can't describe it in words except to say I've never forgotten it nor have I ever experienced it again. She was liquid.

Favorite places: Hard to say, it's probably tropical, could be in Jamaica, could be in Mexico, might even be Paris or London, I'll settle for a flat in London!

Color, there's three, Red, Gold and Green. I started wearing, using, relating to these back in the 70/80's, I thought they looked great, and then slowly I started seeing 'em being used everywhere, loved it, great combination of colors, still have 'em around the house.
Board Games: Don't really do 'em.
I'll have another look and maybe clarify some of these.

Japanther said...

great video, good to see (and hear) everybody..another few pre-conceptions completely exploded!

answers then:

1. Me and SKP went to a few stinkers. Placebo at Bristol Colston Hall was pretty poor, as mentioned on our podcast, Vent 414 (featuring Miles Hunt from The Wonderstuff) were atrocious. The worst one for me though (SKP wasn't around at this point) was Cornershop, for the sole reason that they didn't show up! I had bought tickets a couple of months before for their gig at the Fleece in Bristol, but the week of the gig the band suddenly went stratospheric thanks to the Fatboy Slim remix of "Brimful of Asha", so they were number 1 in the charts. the word is that they arrived at the Fleece and threw a Maria Carey-esque diva strop and said they wouldn't play such a dive, they were the number one band in the country gaddammit!! and cancelled the gig. me and Welsh Steve turned up to be met with only a notice on the door. A definite waste of time.

2. predictive text only works for Japanese language on my phone, but I do use it a lot.

3. I happen to think that I look ruggedly masculine with a wee bit of stubble, but Mrs J vehemently disagrees and nags away if I leave it unshaven for even a couple of days.

4. "..the last kiss, the last kiss, the last kiss is always the best.."

5. my living room

6. I love board games. Guess Who? Scrabble. and you can't beat Trivial Pursuit.

7. either black or dark blue...which is fairly boring I know...

AliMunday said...

Well done Tinny, this will have to go down as a classic. Weird seeing oneself "live" though!!

TatankaYotanka said...

Last lousy gig left early. Leonard Cohen at Mercedes Benz Arena.

Beards; did the Grizzly Adams thing at various points in my twenties and thirties .... think I've got it out of my system now; like any theatrical role the owner of a beard needs to explore their motivation.

Best kiss - so many categories to choose from. Caught by surprise .. a beautiful raven-haired Basque girl on the Pont St Esprit during the Fetes de Bayonne many years ago.
Favourite place - Bredon Hill in Worcestershire.
Board game - Risk
Colour - Green

TatankaYotanka said...

Oh ... predictive texting ...BALLCOCKS!

AliMunday said...

@Goneforeign - TracyK is the person who asks the question about the best kiss. The Jack Daniells T-shirt was worn by one of the very helpful bar staff.

@Gremlin - I think the photo was taken on Tarxien's camera (not sure) so I expect she will post it at some point.

B-Mac said...

Oh my! You're all real!!

B-Mac said...

Thanks for the mention, Tinny!

B-Mac said...

1. I've been near a lot of crap in the name of "supporting the local scene", I just tend to wander away - I don't hink I've walked out of any gig where I've paid to see the headliner, although I did get mighty close a number of years ago when Bright Eyes decided to be all "digital" and not bother playing any of the amazing songs off Lifted
2. Text: I really can't abide any txt speak (oops see what happened there) - and my iphone has a keyboard so predictiv text is a thing of the past.
3. Beard: I love beards, but can't grow a convincing "captain haddock". I tend to grow mine til I look like a tramp (takes about 6 weeks before the hobo vibe kicks in). Mrs McF hates the beard. My year old nephew looks at me in terror when I have beard, and is fine without. Both my wife and child rampantly slag the beard off.
4. Kiss:Any from my family
5. Place: Went for a wee walk up the hill at the back of the village, towards the farm, yesterday. Very good it was too.
6. Board game: Of all time: chess. Currently: battleships.
7. Colour: Brown.

B-Mac said...


Mnemonic said...

First time, they were the support act so we went to the bar (the headliners, Mum, were pretty bad, too). Second time, I went specifically for the support acts (Carla Bozulich and Black Heart Procession). If AC had been any good, I'd have stayed but by that time they'd been joined by the whey-faced girly singer from Mum, so we left early. Third time was at ATP, so I just wandered off to listen to another band.

Big Mac And Large Flahs said...

Ah, I see - I had the notion that you were torturing yourself with yet more and more AC gigs for somereason .

goneforeign said...

I've been to thousands of musical events and can't think of a single one where I walked out but I can remember quite a few movies that I've given up on after 15-20 mins and in every instance I went to the box office and asked for my money back and always got it!

DarceysDad said...

So, the actual EOTWQs:

1. Waste of time gig? Chuck Berry, probably. Ruined his legend in one bad-tempered hour. I didn't actually leave, but I should have done.

2. Predictive text? Yes, definitely. But it's a pain in my ample arse on my current Samsung, which never remembers new words even after it's asked me to add them to the library.

3. Hairy biker / fat lady cooks? I'll only like them if they actually come round to my house and do it for real.

3. Beards? On me, currently and mostly not. But I did have a sizeable goatee on my wedding day, so the memories are there in photo form every day chez DsD. And DsMam has come out firmly against as I get older, so it's not likely to return.

4. Best kiss? I like Japanther's answer about the best one being the last one, so it's the goodbye snog I had with DarceysMam before I left her and the girls at her mother's yesterday for a half-term break. That kiss has got to see me through until Wednesday.

5. Favourite place? Like Gordon says on the video, tmtm really. A few examples going up the size scale: our bed; The Ship Inn, Dunmore East; my ex-brother-in-law's villa in Grasse; The Kop whilst it was still a terrace; New Orleans' French Quarter before Katrina.

6. Board game? Backgammon. Or Monopoly with DarceysSis.

goneforeign said...

Shane: Re. 'the garden and the new house', some years ago I was staying with my sister in Old Buckenham, they decided to create an apple/pear/plum orchard. We went to a highly recommended nursery together and came home with a truckload of bare-root trees. The nursery was The Lost Nursery and I think it was at Cranwich, very impressed with the collection of varieties there, we bought only heirlooms and maybe a dozen or so of them. Once they were established some years later I took scions of each and grafted them to my trees here so there's now transatlantic versions!

steenbeck said...

You're all so beautiful! I wish I'd been there. One of these days...

Sorry if I got the order wrong, I need the questions written down!

1. I haven't been to that many gigs in my life (compared to some of you folks!) I can't think of any I left early. The most disappointing one to me was Toots and the Maytals in Boston. Not because he wasn't wonderful - he was. It was the audience. They were awful, and I'd looked forward to seeing him for so long.

2. What the Hecuba is Predictive text? The only text message I've ever sent said "7 or 7 1/2"

3. It's funny that the boys seem to like beards and the girls don't. I have to agree with what Mnemonic said - 10 % of people look better with them. I like David better without, but he used to have a whit and I like that a lot and was sad when he shaved it off.

4.We were 23, and we were at a party, we'd known each other for a few weeks, but never smooched. We started talking about Orion, and decided at 3 am to drive to a field in the middle of nowhere to see if we could find it. He said, "do you see any shooting stars?" and I did! Immediately, and I'd never seen one in my life. "Do you see any more?" And I saw another. Then he picked me up right off my feet, and the rest is history.

Isaac gives nice kisses, too. He'll yell KISS! KISS! and give you warm dry sweet kisses all over your face and hands.

5. Don't know if I have a favorite place. I love the towpath along the canal that runs by my house. It's slightly wild, but very beautiful at every time of year.

6. Mi gusto verde de mejor, pero me gusto azul tambien.

7. I used to call board games "bored games," but I've had a lot of fun playing pictionary and Trivial pursuit. Pictionary, especially, I couldn't believe how emotionally involved I got.

AliMunday said...

Oh, so there were questions? Oh yes. Ummm ...

1.Walked out of Lindisfarne, Split Endz and someone else I can't even remember now. They had a chart hit called "Lifting" back in the mid '90s.

2. Don't have the option of predictive text, all my mistakes are my own.

3. I like beards. I am one of the few people in my family who doesn't have one. Mr Munday says at the next social we should all wear false beards and pose for a photo. He is very impressed with Exodus's beard and I can feel a growing season coming on ...

4. Kisses?? - Look, I'm 50 y'know. Can't remember that far back.

5. I love Mousehole, in Cornwall, and Keswick, in the Lake District. Preferably not in tourist season.

6. Colour? Green. Or blue. Can't decide.

7. Board game? I don't really like them very much - used to like Buccaneer when I was a kid. I do play boardgames with Munday junior but it's more out of duty than pleasure. As DsD said, I'm a terrible mother.

AliMunday said...

Oh, and fat lady cooks - don't watch cookery shows, I've just had spagetti with curried baked beans and left over stew. That's the kind of cook I am - if it's there, eat it.

AliMunday said...

Ah, it was the Lighthouse Family. Not good.

Sorry about plethora of posts, I'm on leave this week.

treefrogdemon said...

Wish i'd been there but...

1 I don't think I've ever walked out, but a gig that disappointed me was when Robin Williamson walked out (as I mentioned recently) of a free festival gig in Milton Keynes, because he said the sound was terrible. It sounded OK from my side, but hey.

2 Never use it - nor text speak neither, and I always use the right punctuation.

3 Depends who's wearing it.

4 Kissing my grandsons goodbye yesterday: I'd pick Ivan as best kisser since Ellis had a runny nose.

5 Milton Keynes. It's really good at this time of year, because it was planted specially for good autumn colour. (The springs, summers and winters are pretty good too though.)

6 I like the purple/blue/green side of things.

7 We used to play Scrabble and Monopoly a lot when the kids were still at home, but I don't think I've got anything but chess here now. (I'm no good at chess, she hastens to add.) Naomi, whom I've just visited, has our very old Snakes and Ladders board on the wall in her living room.

DarceysDad said...

I never said "terrible" !! I know I was drunk, m'lud, but if the jury would care to watch video Exhibit A again ...

(In stage whisper:) You're right though, Ali. If I run out of patience playing board games with the girls, I stop keeping it interestingly level and proceed to win at a canter. Except for Ludo/Frustration, because Jess & Darce gang up on me, and if we're all playing, it's almost never me that wins.

Abahachi said...

1. Bojan Z in Bath this year; hideous noise, even for me. Especially galling as I'd persuaded Mrs Abahachi to come along to hear "this amazing piano player".

2. I'm with tfd: no, never, and none of that ghastly txt spk either. Correct punctuation is what sets us apart from gastropods.

3. Nope, ugh.

4. Very small sample to choose from, and obviously has to be Mrs Abahachi, or I'd never have married her.

5. Grafenau in the Bayerwald, specifically Cafe Fox in the Stadtplatz. Followed by the Bavarian State Library in Munich.

6. Scarlet or Prussian blue.

7. 100% reliable source of arguments; can't play Scrabble with Mrs Abahachi as she keeps changing the rules (e.g. whether it's legitimate just to add an 's' onto the end of the word) and denying that they have ever been anything else, depending entirely on what letters she happens to have, whereas I will stand up for principle regardless of whether it disadvantages me. We can just about manage the occasional game of Cluedo.

treefrogdemon said...

Sorry, forgot about the cookery programmes: bored with them and can't tell the hairy bikers apart. Resurrect* Keith Floyd, I say.

(*I mean, repeat the programmes.)

Exodus said...

Ali - tell Mr Munday he has impeccable taste!

Exodus said...

By the way, whenever Mr Ex (who also has a beard) & I are invited to fancy dress do's we just turn up normally dressed & say we're the hairy bikers.

Abahachi said...

Rick Stein.

barbryn said...

Oh, this is very weird. So you really are all, like, real people...

1. I'm not sure I've ever been to a real waste-of-time gig... In my teenage gig-going years at Salisbury Arts Centre, there was a ubiquitous support band called Heave. I've probably seen them more times than any other band. They were truly terrible.

2. I don't actually own my own mobile, but Mrsbarbryn's has predictive text, so I'm stuck with it, though it irritates the hell out of me. At some point, somebody must have decided that people would be more likely to text the word "rub" than "pub". And (on my old phone, at least) that "cubeshine" was a word, but "aubergine" wasn't.

3. Beards? Stubble all the way for me. Life's too short to shave more than once a week, but won't leave it any longer than that.

4. Kisses? Well, I got a goodnight kiss from Innis tonight. That was pretty special.

5. Favourite place? St Martin's, Isles of Scilly (I have a particular rock in mind)

6. Colour? Blue. Ionian sea azure, espcially.

7. I love board games, arguments and all. Mrsbarbryn and I played Scrabble for the first - and probably last - time recently. All was going well, until, with the aid of two blanks, I got "softened" across two triple word scores, using up all my letters, and scoring 120 points. The board was immediately thrown across the room.

ejaydee said...

Gah, gutted I couldn't come, are we going to get the social Cds in Dropbox please?

1. Most disappointing gig I can remember would be SLy & The Family Stone. The Family were amazing but seeing Sly was depressing.

2. Definitely use predictive text, which allows me not to use text speak. Only annoying thing is when I have to change it form English to French and vice versa

3. Yep I like my beard, but others don't.

4. There was one, which was uncharacteristically romantic and grand from me, something out of a movie really, but it'd be too long to set the scene.

5. There are too many to mention, but I have to give a shout to Bangoulap, Cameroon

6. Depends on what.

7. I'm a very principled person in general, BUT, for some reason, I tend to cheat unnecessarily when playing board games, especially Monopoly (it's so long anyway). I'd like to know if I've still got it in Risk though, I used to love it but haven't played it in years.

sourpus said...

1) Its a tie between Lenny Kravitz on his first tour of England (only Mr Cab Driver had been released). It was utter pants. Lenny was one of the first to try out style over content on a British audience and got booed uproarously. If only we had all realised, he was only pointing the way forward for pop.
The other was Cesarea Evora, which I only went to because of the complete lack of anything else going on in Hungary. I fell asleep as the other Hungarians around me clapped and cheered.

2) Do I use predictive text? Is there any other kind??

3) Where was Shooey? I have no idea.

4) Beards? I recently discovered that I dont look so bad with one, so have been experimenting for the first time in my life with different ones. I never had enough growth as a youth to achieve a proper beard, but then, on the other hand, they were massively unfashionable in those days. I now understand that they are some kind of disguise which many people have taken to wearing in the last 15 years. For me the jury is still out, although Hungarians (being the tradition society) love them and trust them. I received new respect upon growing mine.

5) The best kiss of my life is also the story of two events. One was kiss from an older girl at school, underneath the stairs outside the music room. Michelle was a distant idol of us younger kids and the moment was bliss. The other was a kiss from the last girl I had hoped to make a life with. We kissed on Anichov bridge in St Petersburg, on a chilly evening in February. I remember the hand of fate on my shoulder and thinking 'this is it at last'

6) Favorite place? It used to be StPetersburg. Now its my flat in Budapest (so long as I am never tempted outside!)

7) Scrabble - for keen learners of English all around the world, its a favorite. Not that keen personally, although I dont mind making someone happy by offering a game.

8) Favorite colour? Lately, orange. But I dont really have one.

9) Obviously, I couldnt answer the 'staff' question about the food, but if it was half as nice as the company, etc...

FP said...

I LOVED seeing this. Screw Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes.. We Want DARCE in his RR jeans and TINCANMAN on camera. Stunning stuff, guys.
1; Darce: Being of Scottish origin, I have never walked out of a gig - too mean. And haven't been to any crap gigs recently. They've all been good.
2. Mnemonic - no I don't use the autotype because my Frrrench blackberrrrrry wants to make the words Freeeench and I often type English so no go.
3.SOWC: Don't get the hairy bikers over here but sure I'd love all of them.
4. Gordon: Beards no - soft tickly designer stubble. Oh yes!!!!! But I have to say yours suits you, sir.
5.TracyK Frogprince just yesterday and no doubt tomorrow too. And that's a nice shirt.
6. Oh who is that asking the favourite place question? Oh well - Paris. And recently Mala beach down on the Cote d'azur. You can only get to it via a windy path that goes along the edge of the sea. Stunning place.
7. Tim: Monopoly cuz you get a great buzz when you buy Mayfair
8. Alimunday: Blue is the colour.
9. Staff: Would have done had I been there. Was it nice?

AliMunday said...

Tincanman - if you're there - I see there's a file for Leeds CDs on Dropbox. Do we need to add our own or will you take charge? I don't want to overload the system.

tincanman said...

@ Ali (& others)
Go for it and we'll see how it goes for space

gordonimmel said...

@FP, it's Exodus who is asking the favourite place question.

Thanks for the beard compliment. I do keep it neat and trimmed nowadays but at times in the past I've had the full beard as long (if not longer) than Exodus'. Luckily, frauimmel doesn't object to it so I've been allowed to keep it all these years.

ToffeeBoy said...

Wish I could have been there - nice to see you all (including the two I met at the London social - take a bow Mnemonic and Tarxien). Excellent camera work Tin - see, I knew you had a talent.


1. Closest I got to walking out of a gig was The Beautiful South's London debut (at the Town & Country 2). They were rude and abusive - and not in a funny way.

2. I hate predictive text and all sorts of text speak. Proper grammar, spelling and syntax in ALL communication, please.

3. I think I'm safe in saying that I've never shown any interest in a hairy biker - ever.

4. Not a beardy person. Tried one once and couldn't get on with it. We parted ways after a few months.

5. One of many with ToffeeGirl over the years ...

6. I'll say the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh just because I was there yesterday.

7. I loved board games as a child and played them almost constantly with my older brother. It's difficult to chose a fabourite - Escape From Colditz was good (although I always had to be the Germans) but I think I'll go with Buccaneer.

8. Purple - the colour of my girls' football team.

ToffeeBoy said...

By the way, the reference to correct spelling does not in any way preclude the occasional [occassional? Ed] typo.

tincanman said...

oh i never said i wasn't good at anything. I'm good at lots of things - just not good enough at any of them to get paid for it.

ejay said...

The FRIday file is being reuploaded twice, surely some mistake...

DaddyPig said...

Just sticking to my board game question - excellent work all round, and excellent opposite points of view on Monopoly. I'd forgotten all about Pictionary, steen, it's the favourite game of an artistically-talented ex-girlfriend, who I've not seen for years.

Though like Abahachi, that doesn't mean I've a huge range of ex-girlfriend experience, and all that kissy stuff.

My wife would insist that George Clooney shaved his beard off before he got near her. And James Brown at Wembley sometime in the mid-80s was really disappointing, noodling around imagining he was a great soloist on various keyboards.

DaddyPig said...

and if anyone who was there could put my CD in Dropbox please, though only if people who weren't there want the complete set ?