Monday, October 26, 2009

Solo ... it's off the radar and disappeared without trace!

Jumpin' The Gunn - Shades Of Blue

Does anyone know where I can go and buy a couple of extra days to sneak into this weekend's RR nomination window? This "Songs With Super Solos" topic is almost certainly my favourite in over three years of blogging on GU, yet I've barely scratched the surface of the pool of songs I could easily recommend. Some are well-known enough that they don't really need any further justification, such as Thin Lizzy's Still In Love With You, and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird (which had 23 'Recommend?' clicks the last time I looked - a DsD record). Others, like Jumpin' The Gunn's Shades Of Blue, are criminally unknown.

The above two people - guitarist Andy Gunn and vocalist Vikki Kitson - were part of a VERY young band spotted by the head of Virgin imprint PointBlank Records whilst visiting his mother in Inverness. Next thing they knew, they were on a plane to Memphis, and recording the album named after this song. Vikki was JUST SIXTEEN, FFS !!!

I saw them perform on a late-night TV show hosted by Eddi Reader shortly thereafter, and as this was right at the height of my HMV-£50-Man phase, I bought the CD. I've been wearing it out ever since.

RR Socialisers with my (I think) Mood Indigo compilation already have it, but I'm determined to get PaulMac to at least listen to this, as well as continuing to spread the word, so figure I have no choice but to 'Spill it and then link over here from the mothership.

This is 8 minutes of blues heaven. There's not necessarily anything ground-breaking in the songwriting, but the execution is just about perfect. In particular, that solo does EVERYTHING you could ever want of an electric blues tune.

If you've heard this before, please go over yonder and dond'er. If you haven't, lie back, enjoy, and then go over yonder and dond'er!

These days, Vikki is apparently out of the business and happily domesticated, Andy Gunn has got a little more acoustic and parochial: go here for a listen.


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AliMunday said...

DsD - duly donded - lovely sound, can't believe how young Vikki Kitson was, she has a very mature sound.