Saturday, October 17, 2009

Juice it

Another in the series of great hip hop tracks which sample jazz.. mention of Eric B and Rakim on the Mothership has led me to this classic, which uses Nat Adderley's Rise Sally, Rise.
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goneforeign said...

Nilp: No comments re. hip-hop but let me take this opportunity to ask what prompted you to propose 'Freeloader' as lazy! I couldn't believe it then and even less so now it's been chosen. There's nothing in that tune that 'says' lazy, perhaps you meant slow, deliberate or relaxed but never lazy. I wonder what Miles would say to that? And if the thought was to include an instrumental piece by Miles I should think that Shhh/Peaceful or In a Silent way might be closer though I'd argue against both of those also: lazy doesn't fit with any of these, in fact I can't think of anything he's ever done that does.

steenbeck said...

Nice post, Nilpferd. I'm listening to the Nat Adderley as I type, and I love it. As I do the Eric B and Rakim track, of course!

GF - If you read Paul's columns, I think you'd find he covered all different connotations of "lazy."

treefrogdemon said...

Isn't the name 'Freeloader' a bit of a clue, though?

nilpferd said...

As Treefrogdemon says, the name was a start, Freddie Freeloader was a Red Skelton character famous for his relaxed attitude to work, etc (although a german web site claims the name came from a self-serving barman who worked at Birdland).On RR over a couple of posts, I also explained my (totally subjective) opinion of how the artists interpreted the title of the piece in their solos. I also thought it was a rather neat secondary argument that the actual recording process was carried out with such economy. Certainly, the piece does conjure up someone like his Dudeness in my mind.
But, as I say, completely subjective. Feel free to ignore my reading.

nilpferd said...

Thanks Steen, what with this Eric b & R track, as well as the Coldcut Shivsidecar mentioned, I think I need to delve a little deeper.

Re Miles and laziness, having just watched The Miles Davis Story documentary last night, I'm certainly left with the opinion that he was lazy in almost every aspect of his life bar music. Certainly in his relationship with his wives, girlfriends, and children, he appears to have displayed exemplary dereliction of duty. That's not something I think of much with his music, but it probably needs to be said.

goneforeign said...

I don't think 'lazy' is the word you're looking for re Miles, plus, I was aware of the guy who hung out at Birdland dispensing weed but I don't lazy applies there either, if that's the connection I think you're grabbing at straws. The word freeloader doesn't conotate laziness and neither does Miles, Coltrane's nor Cannonball's solos and Wynton's solo makes me wish that he was on all the cuts. This is the best cut on the album with the most feeling and energy in all the solos.
I know that Paul justified his choice, he had no option but to do so but I wonder if he knows anything about jazz and if he even listened to it, if he did I'm more at a loss to understand it's selection.
As you say, it's only a game and it's all subjective: my feelings come from listening to the piece hundreds of times.

nilpferd said...

so do mine, GF.. (feelings from listening to the piece hundreds of times..)

Still, no one can accuse you of laziness.. go for it, I can chew the fat about Miles all night..