Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know what my costume will be tonight


steenbeck said...


tincanman said...

A spy?

ejaydee said...

Devlin of course!

tincanman said...

About time!

* gets popcorn

* sits back

devlin, the point in a novel where the importance of the title is revealed

My guess is "I know what my costume will be tonight" tells us the protagonist has really been frogprincess all this time.

ejaydee said...

Wait, I still haven't thought of a proper reply to your assumption that I'm a regular bedwetter... Maybe next week.

tincanman said...

he he, I never get tired of hearing that old 'how do you keep a Canadian in suspense' routine.

tincanman said...

While I wait, I'll pass on to all and sundry a blue playlist I ran across on the Song By Toad music blog. It's a kind of best of scratchy blues.
There's a podcast for download there.

01. Blind Boy Fuller – Rattlesnakin’ Daddy (02.57)
02. Charley Patton – Pea Vine Blues (12.34)
03. Big Joe Williams – Baby Please Don’t Go (18.54)
04. Willie Brown – Future Blues (22.16)
05. Skip James – Hardtime Killing Floor Blues (31.32)
06. Robert Johnson – Hellhound on My Trail (39.57)
07. Muddy Waters – I Can’t Be Satisfied (50.54)
08. Muddy Waters – Trouble No More (57.16)
09. Howlin’ Wolf – Spoonful (59.54)
10. Mississippi Fred McDowell – Fireman Ring the Bell (71.15)