Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bring Me Solo (& the Wookie too).

Till Tomorrow
Tape Kebab
Glow World
Travel Light
Set You Free
Ball & Biscuit
Man in the Box
Bulls On Parade
The Awakening
Doug Storm
Uncertain Smile


Blimpy said...

Jack White is the modern king of the solo, he rules the roost without ever relying on fret-wanking or cliche.

On this topic, I couldn't decide which one of his tunes was the best for solos, couldn;t pick one.

Japanther said...

are you starting a one-man downbeat grunge revival Shoey? First Stone Temple Pilots and now Alice In Chains.....I was more of an AIC fan back in the day (and even went up to the scary big smoke to see them at the Brixton Academy) but that STP track you posted below sounded amazing.

other than that Can and Tackhead were the standouts for me this week.

steenbeck said...

Who is everybody? I liked Tape Kebab and Uncertain Smile, and maybe a few others, but it's a little heavy on the grungy for my current head-achey condition. Still, fine list, Shoey. I'll try again after work.

Shoegazer said...

Yep Grunge is back. Am very fond of this stuff, probably because it was all going on when I first moved over here. The Grungers & Alt. Rockers in the US kept their love for soloing & were also tended to be very skilled musicians, unlike much of the punk & post punk stuff which reacted against or just didn't have these aspects. So they fit the theme better than many of my usual suspects.

shane said...

I really enjoyed The The at the end.. been re-listening to them lately and found a lot of songs showed their age quite badly.. but that held up well... nilpf a fan I think and DsD if memory serves me well (not often)

Travel Light appealed this evening and as always a bit of Yello goes a long way.

(I unexpectedly had a really busy day - so my playlist will be put on hold for now)

nilpferd said...

TonNL got me back into The The, plus FP around the time she recommended Uncertain Smile for Dorian. I still like most of Soulmining and some of Dusk and Mind Bomb- I regularly nom tracks from these albums, though there is little resonance. I had Burning Blue Soul too but haven't heard it since my emigration cut-off, was alway a bit iffy about Infected.

I like most of these shoey, particularly the trumpet in Till Tomorrow- reminds me of Ennio Morricone- and the chunkiness of Set you free, favs would be the bass/drums interplay on The Awakening, and obviously Uncertain Smile.
The guitarier stuff is fine by me, it's nice in a I-wouldn't-buy-it-but-I-like-to-hear-it-now-and-again-way. That's not meant as patronising- I just have a very small music collection, with numerous holes.

nilpferd said...

You have to fill me in on who played The Awakening, none the wiser after checking your RR posts..

nilpferd said...

Never mind, got it.. Les Claypool. Is he better than Flea? Only kidding.. I owe Tincanman a RHCP report..

Shoegazer said...

Shane, New Yello album & playing live for the first time in over 30 years.

Steen, sorry about the headache. Tape Kebab is even better stoned btw.

Blimps, plenty of White Stripes to pick from, but love the guitar on this one.

JP, Many still convinced that Creep is by Nirvana, not STP. Don't know if the new AIC is any good?

Nilp, Les has the scarier skills, but you can't top the Flea for on-stage energy - 'Spilled quite a bit of Primus, so thought I'd go with some solo stuff. My problem with Infected is that it's too depressing to take in one sitting.

Thanks to all for finding some time to listen & comment. Off to watch the Yankees try to close out the Angels. Later.