Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indie Does R&B?

Seeing as it's R&B week on the 'Spill (exciting new R&B video to come at the end of the week, once I finish editing it!!) here's the indie take on R&B; The Dirty Projectors performing their song "Stillness Is The Move"


**edit** Ejaydee reminded me about the XX, who you can hear covering Aaliyah's Hot Like Fire here. I don't think it's up to much. As for their other stuff, the penny hasn't dropped with me just yet. I'l go have another listen.


ejaydee said...

Very indebted indeed, especially Timbaland, indie's favourite producer, until he started doing songs with One Republic, etc. Looks like you could have done your video in the Scottish Highlands, just to flip it a bit. I'm a bit conflicted, did they crank up the R&B a bit too high? I think I still like it though, do you know if the whole album is like that?

Blimpy said...

the album ISNT all like that, i had a listen on Spotify when it came out. It's not nearly as straight forward as the single.

saneshane said...

I was driving along the road the other week and this guy was taking his 3 little llamas for a walk.

that's my thought.

on the music front - that's indian (from the East) inspired, is it not.? interesting beats.. the same could be said of Timbalands inspiration.. y/n?

(is Taken by Trees out yet?)

ejaydee said...

Yep Shane, Timbaland had a period where he used a lot of Middle Eastern music (often without crediting them it should be said), We Need A Resolution for example.

Blimpy, you can also hear the xx here:

Blimpy said...

@ed - i never realised you switched the track!

@shane - yes, it is!

DarceysDad said...

The Dirty Projectors was musically very irritating to the DsD ears, I'm afraid. Some beautifully crisp images though.

ejay said...

About the xx, i'm only now fully warming up to them, now that I've realised what bothers me: it's the dude's voice. Also, I've understood that they work better at night. They were good on jools holland last Friday, especially Islands.