Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain Rain go away .. come back when you are sane

So The Past Seven Days' fantastic "Raindance" is in fact (maybe not – who knows?) Brian Eno fronting Wire! It is a great classic of post-punk… the other side is equally as good “So many others” but listen.. play it lots.. I did, can’t now.. scratches kill completists…. catalogue # AD102 I love thee.

I very rarely gush about something but.. this made me look out for 4AD artists in the early 80’s and made me love the alternative sections of little record shops.. what I found under those beautiful sleeve.. gave me a love of the more unique side of pop and when I got Hospitalised I started designing, if I couldn’t play football I’d design 4AD sleeves.. easy as!
What follows in these 3 tracks is influence.. bands that adapted from a unique template.. Tones on Tail and Wolfgang Press from original 4AD bands and the Shout out Louds hugely inspired by those early '80s indie sounds.
Hard Rain

There was a tougher CocoRosie to listen to... but I've made it easy with this one.. an atmospherics selection
Wet Rainbow
Angels in the Rain
Runaway Raindrop

Okay this section might be liked by people..
a trumpet mix of the Tuesday weld.. and some rarer stuff from others .. but with you lot.. probably got any way.. the Amon Düül II is too normal for me.. from them, and a couple of covers at the end to piss off purists.

Like steenb, a subject that I love so much but can't explain properly.. evocative I think as EjD was saying.
i love the rain (trumpet mix)
Sao Paulo Rain
Spent On Rainy Days
Sandoz In The Rain
Famous Blue Raincoat
My Girl


ejaydee said...

Raindance hasn't kicked off yet, but that's an amazing intro!

ejaydee said...

Raindance is great all the way through, and I'm loving the track after that too.

saneshane said...

cheers EJD - the sun is blasting through my widow while I'm listening to all the playlists - a great contrast....

I think this was the final selection:

1 Raindance - The Past Seven Days
2 Rain - Tones on Tail
3 Raintime - The Wolfgang Press
4 Hard Rain - Shout Out Louds

5 Rainbowarriers - CocoRosie
6 Wet Rainbow - Tipsy Tipsy
7 Angels in the Rain - Pinch Ft. Indi Kaur
8 Runaway Raindrop - Mercury Rev

9 i love the rain (trumpet mix)- The Real Tuesday Weld
10 Rainbows - Alex Delivery
11 Sao Paulo Rain - Tom McRae
12 Spent On Rainy Days - Bright Eyes

13 Sandoz In The Rain - Amon Düül II
14 Famous Blue Raincoat - Marissa Nadler
15 My Girl - Groove Chill Out Players

sorry - got a bit carried away.

nilpferd said...

Loved all the 4AD tracks, Shane, great use of "space" in the first three particularly.

The next block of four also fine, acoustically very engaging.

And the last lot of songs also very entertaining.. with an offering like that to the rain gods, the least you deserve is a non-leaking roof over winter..

ejaydee said...

Just noticed that Rainbowarriors is by Cocorosie, was the other one Tahitian Rain Song?

shane said...

yep I was going with Tahitian Rain Song but find Rainbowarriors an easier listen EJD.

I was quite suprised by the second track 'Tones on Tail' being the band of Bauhaus' drummer... holds up remarkably well after all this time.