Saturday, October 3, 2009

Glass Bead Shane

feel free to ignore this.. it's too long.. transferred from the only tape that was left.. thanks to Biomecanoid.. CF and my friends.. I will explain later!

he he he


nilpferd said...

Enjoyed it shane, looking forward to the explanation!

glass bead shane said...

okay the explanation:

In the early 90s after being in a club for too long.. I kinda said this music is easy and anyone could knock it out...
a sampler/ good source samples
a few words.. use repetitively
and someone who could program (as I certainly couldn't) piece of pissh..
yep .. youthfullish and foolish!

So the bet was on and over a weekend of no sleep and too many funny cigs and crates of beer.. I used words that I put in artworks.. samples from 'the Beard' a weird animation and Divine/Kris Kristofferson in Alan Rudolphs 'Trouble in Mind and Ta Da... with the skills of two great keyboardists we knocked out ten songs.. that became the 'Glass bead Shane' (it sorta sound tracked a graphic novel that I was drawing that stole from the rainmaker, one of the three lives in the glass bead game)

The Magic Roundabout 'Dougal and the blue cat'vinyl had been given to me as a birthday present (found in Oxfam) with the classic line "woooow.. Look at those groovy mushrooms" we sampled it and wondered why it wasn't used by others.. I also nicked Boney M drum programs that my mates had to recreate much to their embarrassment.. but were well impressed when used out of context..
(we did find out that they sued big time for such thieving)

any way I had to visually explain how I wanted it to sound then ranted over the tracks.. my voice is shit .. the tapes distorted out of all proportions.. but this is a birthday present sent after, just for a laugh...

afterwards my friend taped me ranting again with added talking through Cohens 'everybody Knows' and Faithfuls 'why D'Ya do it' that got jammed to for 45 minutes in a dance/ chill out style.

Luckily no one will ever hear the ones with me on.. but this just brought back so many memories of me being the Streets before he had recorded anything.. and fits Rain perfectly.

ejaydee said...

SO this you?! Well now we need to hear the rest of the Glass Bead Sessions, pleeaase

Blimpy said...

Word up, sounds well early 90s, reminds me of all sorts of good stuff!! Dig it.

Shoegazer said...

This was great. Sounds a lot like the samples the Press were using circa "Queer". Sure it could use a little editing - probably enough here for a 4-track ep. Don't be surprised if the 'Spillharmonic AOR men come calling.

Will stick some stuff in the folder for you. New Goats is out btw.

steenbeck said...

I think I forgot to tell you how much I liked this Shane. I listened last week. Brilliant, messy, inspired and inspiring. I'd like to see the graphic novel, is that a page from it?