Sunday, October 4, 2009

Make It Rain

Chove Chuva
I Think It's Gonna Rain Today (Dusty)
I Can't Stand The Rain
In The Rain
Buckets Of Rain
Rains On Me
Rainy Day
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
Little Bit Of Rain
The Day It Rained
Occasional Rain
Rainy Day In Centerville
And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Shonen Knife)
It's Raining
Dry Weather House
Rainy Day
After The Rain

Le Blues Du Temps Qu'Il Fait
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (Live)

Watch out! There's a gospel song lurking here somewhere.


FP said...

I've got lots of stuff to do around the house today so I'm going to enjoy listening to all your rain playlists.

FP said...

It's a blinder, Frenchy. Do us a favour - ignoramus that I am. Can you just post a quick list of who this is? Your list is sweetening up a dull Sunday morning in Strasbourg. Vraiment merci.

ejaydee said...

Glad you're liking it FP, and it's good to see your name again around these parts.

Jorge Ben
Tom Waits
Shuggie Otis
Ink Spots
Karen Dalton
The Girls From Bahia/Quarteto Em Cy
Terry Callier
Minnie Ripperton
Thom Yorke
Sonhen Knife
Irma Thomas
Porter & Moxey
Bruce Ruffin
Susan Christie
Pastor T.L. Barrett

Roger Mason
Bob Dylan

saneshane said...

Is that seriously Thom Yorke on the Burial ?.. you get a gold star.. really like it.. only the second song ever I've like with him on it!

loved Peebles too
and some more but I'm not keeping up with who is who.. cool stuff.

FP said...

Cheers Frenchy - I've had the family over for three months keeping parents safe from the ravages of piggy flu. Was very busy as you can imagine but I've always kept an eye on the 'Spill and RR. I have bit more time now so you can expect a bit more of my bletherings... Really loved this playlist. And you're right about Anne Peebles. She nails it. Disco Schmisco....

.... said...

BTW would that be the Swiss Guards at the Vatican wearing those snazzy spats? I kind of assuming that's not YOUR feet.... FP

ejaydee said...

'Spill point goes to you FP, I don't own any brogues. Nor did I take the picture myself, I nicked it of the Guardian.

ejaydee said...

And yeah Shane pretty good from Burial isn't it? The original isn't as good, makes me think Thom Yorke's whole album should have been done by Burial, great match.

nilpferd said...

Chove Chuva and Dry Weather House my favourites here, also liked the Bahian Girls and Terry Callier.