Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's raining songs

Didn't it Rain?
I Think it's Going to Rain Today
The Sky is Crying
Storm Cloud
Rain From the Sky
It Keeps Raining
Rain Rain Go Away
Date With the Rain
Come in Out of the Rain
More Than Rain
Rain Dogs
Rainy Day Dream Away
Still Raining, Still Dreaming
Go Ahead in the Rain
Rainy Dayz


saneshane said...

Lovely selection Steen,

Still can't get time to sort out my computer and see what's being said over on RR..

have you done this before as a compilation..?
it flows well on first listen.. (I think as we have said about trains).. big subject.. all of us could do a few playlists and they would be storming.. no pun intended. great stuff.

steenbeck said...

Thanks Shane. I've been missing you a lot lately. I'd Love to go for a drink with you and talk about weird parent politics. I wish you were a parent in my town. Um I guess that sounded strange, but I know your little one just started school. Sorry I realize this all probably souds a bit odd but longandshort is I miss seeing your name.

steenbeck said...

And yes, I did a rainy comp. Thanks for remembering. And while I'm wandering here, I wish nilpferd, and dsd and gordonimmel and ali and all the other parents were parents in my town, too

ejaydee said...

That's an amazing playlist, rain is a great topic. Of the ones I didn't know already, I especially loved Didn't It Rain, Date With The Rain and Time.

Pretty much everything I own by DJ Mehdi is ready for you to be picked up. There;s still his production work for 113 and Ideal J if you want to go further.

saneshane said...

It's lucky we have 'spill town.. (not quite the same though)
it's made me emotional reading that... miss you too.

We weren't s'posed to be doing quite so much on the new house.. it'll take a while still and keeps me out of trouble!

I'm finding Z-boy at school very odd .. would love to sit and chat about it too.

(Now I have to design a soak away drain system... joys!)

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Ejay, I downloaded the DJ Mehdi folder Friday morning but forgot to erase it. Is there more in since then? I'll check. Very excited to listen.

So many good playlists to listen to today!!

steenbeck said...

I see that there are a couple new things in the folder, but dropbox won't let me delete or download anything at the moment. I'll try again in a little while.

Japanther said...

is that Kiyo-Mizu temple in Kyoto by any chance?? I've only been to Kyoto once and I didn't go there, although it's the most famous one, didn't do my research properly!

nilpferd said...

Loved the ATCQ, Steen, and the Jimi Hendrix tracks were also fine.
Glad to have 'spill town, but it would also be cool to sit around together with you all in someone's kitchen while the kids were jumping around in the lounge..

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening, everyone, and telling me that you did.

Just got home from work, not too coherent...

Japanther it's Kiyomizu in Rain by Kawase Hasui. I love the Japanese woodblock prints, and the fact that they can portray rain with a woodblock print just kills me. I used one for my first spillrainpost.

love that one too.

I was thinking of you today Japanther, because I'm reading a David Sedaris essay about living in Tokyo for a month or two. Very funny.

One of these days, Nilpferd and Shane. HOw much fun would that be? Cooking dinner while the kids played? Sigh.