Sunday, November 9, 2008

A batty afternoon in bed

Flying Nun group The Bats, with a lovely, melodic piece called Afternoon in bed, meandering between their brand of chiming folk pop and a more harder edged, electric sound... captures that muzzy, woozy feeling you have if you do happen to spend the afternoon in bed.. not that I ever have, of course.. but if I did, I might do it in the Hotel Stein, Salzburg, with zebra striped sheets..
to the accompaniement of two more classic Bats tracks.. Smoking her wings, and North by North.

(Player removed)


gremlinfc said...

Please tell me how to do the Podbean thaaang! I have registered but don't know what they are talking about...

nilpferd said...

Log in. Select "publish a podcast", above right.
Choose "upload", then upload MP3s from your computer one by one.
Choose "my playlists", top right, written grey on black.
Create a new playlist.
Select a player.
Fill the player with your uploaded tracks, give each one a title. Leave the URL field blank.
Name and save the playlist and continue.
Copy the embedding text provided to the clipboard, and insert it into your 'Spill post.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ nilpferd - you probably know me well enough by now to know that the words "lovely, melodic piece" speak to me like no others. And you're not wrong about this one - I;d never heard of The Bats before but by a strange coincidence they came up as a similar artist on when I played a Go-Betweens track a short while ago. So now you know...

nilpferd said...

Cheers, TB! The Bats were a much loved Flying Nun band during my student years, I mentioned North by North last week for the travelling theme, their other most well known track would be Smoking her wings. I've added both to the 'pod. The compilation "Thousands of luminous spheres" has a very good selection of their best work, including the tracks I've posted.
Read the review at Allmusic..

Sheeni said...

Oh, thanks for the lovely post! They're such a wonderful band. The band is releasing a new album next month, by the way!